:: fauxligraphy

A little hand lettering practice I worked on yesterday in honor of #NationalHandwritingDay.

My quote is not actual calligraphy, it's fauxligraphy. 
This piece isn't perfect by any means, but since it is practice... 
and hand lettering I think the imperfections make it more authentic. 

It's been a long time since I've had to do hand lettering work. 
Typography was my favorite class when I was in design school, and 
I'm so old that we actually did hand letter most everything ha ha.


1: First I write out the quote using my pencil {my favorite pencil here}
for word placement & also to make sure I have correct spacing. 

2: I use my Pigma Micron pens to go over the original pencil 

3: I then create the thicker downstrokes found in real calligraphy

4: Finish by filling in & erasing all of your original pencil marks 
{ be careful to let the ink dry for a bit or you get smudging, like mine :( }

 As you can see, Fauxligraphy is really simple and anyone who can write can do it.

I love this quote & believe it with all of my creative heart ;).

How have you used your imagination this weekend?

{ peace, love & hugs }


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