:: tiny house trend

So tell me, what are your thoughts on the tiny house trend?
Could you find yourself living in a tiny house someday?

This tiny home is called the "bird house",
I guess that could be quite appropriate for a family of wrens :). 
I actually like the simplicity & natural look of it, but 
I would have to have tons more windows to survive living tiny.

What a little cutie all tucked into the woods, could there be water too? 
I love the grayed out siding & with that tin roof rainy days would be bliss. 
If I could I get a wrap around porch on this one... it would do.

Traditional Exterior

Getting closer with this one, I love, love the screened porch & cedar shingles. 
I could see this little gem parked right along the shores of a lake somewhere couldn't you.

This is another lovely tiny cottage with cedar shingles... 
I love cedar shingles. The white trim on this one hits the mark for me. 

This little farmhouse mini hits all the check marks for my love of farmhouses. 
That little porch is cute, but I would need more... wrap around if you please.

Cedar shingles... check, lake.... check, seclusion... well it has two out of three anyway. 
If I were to ever go tiny it will be all about Location, Location, Location.

Another farmhouse, this time a bit more rustic.... I love rustic. 
If this had an amazing mountain view it just might do.

I sometimes think I could go tiny. I love the idea of living small & having less impact on the environment, and I definitely like the thought of going off grid somewhere with amazing views & wildlife. However, with 3 kids, 2 dalmatians, a yorkie, and a cat... it would be some stressful living ha ha. Someday when it's just me & the hubs we can think of having a tiny house with amazing views.  Then we would have lots of time to travel & see so much more of this beautiful world.

{ peace, love & hugs }

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  1. super post. I am so into these tiny things. could I do it? maybe for a second home in the NC mountains. thanks! donna

    1. Thanks Donna. I'm with you, I love the mountains...my photo is of Lover's Leap, Va. along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Are you in NC too?


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