:: snow birds

I've spent this snowy morning drinking coffee, journaling & bird watching.
I'm so glad that I was able to fill up all of my bird feeders before the winter storm hit.
The little birds seem to be very happy & content, I've seen so much action today.

There is nothing more beautiful than birds in the snow.

I sat watching this little Purple Finch { Haemorhous purpureus  }
for the longest time as he took a long rest. 
He finally flew away & was replaced by this handsome fellow below :).

I had a landscape designer recently question why anyone would plant a tree in front of a window, well that "anyone" was me & this is exactly why I plant a tree near or in front of a window...Birds.
I love watching birds, especially in the winter when branches are bare & you can see all of their little movements. I will always have a place for a feeder near a window wherever I go.

Below the feeder on the ground the white striped 

The every beautiful & graceful Mourning Dove { Zinaida macruoura },
I so love their soft gray coloring & the way they fly in.

Off in the distance away from the feeders sitting in pristine white snow,
I captured this dapper fellow... the Dark-eyed Junco { Junco hyemalis } .

I waited and waited for this striking fellow to show up & land for a perfect capture. 
Our beautiful State Bird the Northern Cardinal {Cardinalis cardinalis }.  

Shortly after I got that shot another guy showed up, 
his coloring was a bit more vibrant & on the orange side. 
This photo harkens spring with the evergreens in the background.
I love how the snow is shining through creating a great bokeh effect.

I'm not the only one in my house who enjoys watching the birds :).

This is my favorite Field Guide, you can find it here.

How are you spending your Saturday?

{ peace, love & hugs }

:: All Photos are mine, taken using my Nikon D5300, with a Sigma Macro Telephoto Lens ::

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