{ before the storm }

Saturday morning I woke up to find out that I was having company over for a World Cup party.

It was 10:30, I hadn't even had my first cup of coffee and Papa tells me we are having a group of friends 

over for a cookout at around 1:30.  Me "nuh uh.... are you serious?"   Papa " Yes "..."honest."   

Needless to say I didn't even have a first cup of coffee because I was immediately in clean mode.  

I madly cleaned the house...I vacuumed every floor, even the stairs which I despise doing.

I dusted, I picked up, I organized, I straightened,  I even went out to the gardens and cut flowers.

There they are, aren't they just gorgeous,  I do so love my hydrangeas.

About an hour before everyone is supposed to arrive we had a big change of plans.

Papa had to take our 16 year old daughter to the ER to begin her rabies vaccine series. 

She was exposed to a bat when it came into her friends house during a sleep over.

So... plans were immediately cancelled and Papa left with our oldest for the emergency room.

It felt so nice, the house was clean, and I had fresh flowers all over.  

So, since I was having no company to share them with I thought I would share them with you all.

I started taking pictures of my pretty flowers, then as I was taking photos I noticed my favorite 

crepe myrtle tree out the window and thought I would share it with you as well,  since it's in full bloom 

right now.   So I started snapping a few pictures, just then the sky darkened and the winds picked up,

and the blooms of my beautiful crepe myrtle tree were flying like freshly fallen snow.

Then I went outside onto the deck to snap some more pictures of the coming storm.

I love the moments before a storm comes when the sky darkens, the winds pick up, and the temperature 

drops.  There is nothing I love more than sitting on the front porch watching a storm roll in.

This is actually the view from my back deck out over my neighbors yards, see the trees bending.

I love how my pony tail grass blows in the wind.

I continued walking around the side of my house, 

and I spotted my poor little weeping willow.

As I rounded the corner to the front of my house I admired the rest of my lovely crepe myrtles

bending with the wind and showering the ground around with snow white petals.

I made it onto the front porch just in time.

I sat back on my whicker sofa to enjoy the cool breeze, 

a nice respite to the record breaking temperatures we are having.

I watched the plants and trees blow too and fro, while 

enjoying the slight electricity in the air,

and then it came.... the beautiful downpour.

The trees bent with the weight of the rain, 

and my mother and her children had a nice frolic in the rain as well.

I'm so thankful for summertime showers to cool down our extreme southern temps.

It has continued to be very hot this weekend, 

and today has also brought us beautiful afternoon showers.

Here's hoping you are all having a wonderfully cool weekend.

*peace & love*


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  1. Hi Carrie, you captured that storm beautifully! I do love a storm on a really humid day. Too bad your party was postponed, but soccer fever is just beginning, so I am sure it will happen soon. Your hydrangeas are really lovely.

  2. Hi Carrie,
    Well I used to enjoy storms until the tornado last Saturday night. If it's just rain and a little thunder, I can handle that but tornadoes, no thanks!

    I am sorry to hear about your daughter. Hope she is ok.

    Oh well, at least you got your house cleaned.


  3. Boa tarde!!! A sua postagem esta maravilhosa. Sou apaixonada por flores. E as suas hortênsias estão belas.Ela me fizeram recordar a minha infância, Eu morava em uma casa na cidade de Petrópolis, e tinha muitas hortênsias. Eu as colhia para brincar.Muito obrigada por essa postagem. Tenha uma semana abençoada cheia de realizações.Deus te abençoe ricamente.

  4. What beautiful pictures. I love storms!

    I am so sorry about your daughter. How scary! I hope she is alright.

    Hope you had a great weekend,

  5. hi carrie. we are having some crazy rains here too.. do you remember that yankee candle called stormwatch? well, that's what the skies are like here in chicagoland. your hydrangeas are beautiful.. love those cool hues! we just planted out first bush & it is droopy, but you are gving me hope! i hope your daughter will be fine.. eep.. a bat!
    lara x

  6. Wow, I hate unexpected company and then to have no one come because of an emergency! I hope she gets through them and everything is ok though. I had a bat encounter year ago. I just don't remember any shots. It is actually nice to have a clean house and then not have it messed up. Your flowers are gorgeous! I love the smell a storm brings. It is so neat that you captured it!

  7. Hi Carrie, these photos are quite lovely! You certainly captured the calm before, and the ferocity during, a storm. The image with the rain just streaming down is the coolest. Your hydrangeas are divine. I have several bushes, but only one of them flowers. I hope your daughter is okay-- poor thing! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hi Carrie, I love your photos they are amazing. Hope your daughter is O.K..Have a lovely week Kym X

  9. I love the pictures in this post! They are so beautiful. You definitely captured the beauty of an approaching storm!

  10. Carrie, these were such wonderful pictures! And I loved reading your commentary. It has been hot here, too, and in Central Florida, it just took your breath away at times. We were there for Cecelia's dance recital, and even native Floridians were saying how hot they were, people who typically don't think anything of hot weather! ;-)

    I'm hoping that all goes well with your daughter's shots. My dad had to take those shots when he was bitten by a rabid dog back in the dark ages. He was slated to go to Africa (he was about nineteen at the time), so he had to give himself the shots on the ship. Can you imagine? But he didn't want to miss a big game hunt of which he'd been dreaming his whole life and the chance of seeing both Europe and Africa. (I think he might have seen India, too!)

    Your house and flowers look GORGEOUS. So glad you shared them with us. Love your covers on your DR chairs. They are super neat.


    Sheila :-)

  11. Such beautiful flowers and display! You did a great job with those photos of your yard and the impending storm. So sorry to hear that your daughter has to have all those shots...poor thing....I hope they don't hurt too much!

  12. Wow- great shots of the storm clouds. And prayers and good wishes to your daughter- that shot series is not so fun.


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