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Thanks to everyone for the sweet birthday wishes.

I had a great time on my 37th birthday,

though 37 did a little number on me like no other birthday has.

I was feeling a little like my best years were behind me there for a little while.

Thanks to a wonderful husband, the sweetest sister in the world, and some great friends

I was able to get over it and realize that no matter if I gain a few pounds, wrinkles and gray hairs,

there are still many great years ahead of me, and lots of new adventures to enjoy.

You guys be sure to remind me of those things when 38 rolls around,

because I'm not sure getting older will get any easier.

So on to another subject.

Over the Memorial Day weekend on our trip to the mountains

we made a quick visit to a little alpaca farm just around the corner from my parents cabin.

This was just a cute little mountain home where the owners and their daughter who is a 

fiber spinner decided they would raise their own alpacas for their amazingly soft fiber.

What started out as just a few alpacas grew into a group of 18 males & 18 females.

Here below, are the mother's and babies in a separate pasture.

Here are the alpaca boys coming down the hill to greet us visitors.

We just missed them with their full coats, as they had recently been sheared.

They were so cute with their furry legs and heads and skinny necks and bare bodies.

After visiting the resident fiber providers we went inside to see some of the finished products.

Inside was a small room where they sold imported items all made of alpaca.

There was also a spinning room where they teach classes and show off some of the items made on site.

I've always wanted to learn how to spin my own yarn,

so I may just have to go up another weekend and take one of their classes.

They also teach classes on rug making, dyeing, felting, and weaving on a triangle loom.

The family was super sweet, and I ended up walking away with a skein of yarn

that I'm working into a hat right now, and it's truly the most luxurious fiber I've ever worked with.

I can't wait to finish it, I know it will be a winter favorite, especially in the mountains.

You can check them out here at { Peaceful Heart Alpacas }

Hope you all are having a lovely week.

Tomorrow is my children's last day of school,

so I've been trying to cram as much { shopping }

as possible into my last free days.

Hence my absence from blogdom.

*peace & love*

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  1. aww... this reminds me of my aunt! she used to breed and board alpacas. she did all of it, shearing, spinning, knitting... i even helped her deliver a baby one time. it was awesome! great post!! thanks for taking me back!! :)

  2. Be still my heart!! I love alpaca yarn and would love to see the action there. What a great birthday treat. I'm glad you had a good one.

  3. Alrighty Carrie- Happy Birthday- Your are adorable & look amazing- But i know what you mean- there was a time when i was always the youngest one in the room-group or the youngest parent-or told daily how could i have 3 kids or a son who is a teen- BUT all of sudden Nope- nothing- My turning 33 felt like 43 ...
    But luckily i too have a good hubby-kids who fixd that.

    Alpaca's love those- we always talk about how cool it would be to have one, come have it hang out in the living room, walk it around the block(or at least my hubby-kids think so)
    Love the Blog

  4. Carrie, my blogging has been hit and miss of late for various reasons, but I hate that I missed wishing you a Happy Birthday on your birthday! I just found your post and wished you much happiness there, but I want to be sure and wish you all the best here. I don't think it is ever too late to wish you a world of happiness. You are far too young and beautiful to worry about getting old. Wait till you're my age! ;-)

    Loved this post, too, BTW. I think that spinning course sounds tailor-made for YOU!



  5. Oh they are so cute. I would have loved that little visit. I just turned 37 too recently. Weird huh? Happy belated birthday:)

  6. those alpacas look so soft and cuddly!! happy belated birthday!
    do stop by for my amazing giveaway!!


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