{ ominous skies }

I'm starting to feel a little like a weather woman 

seeing as how this is my second post on the subject this week.  

I am however fascinated by storms and the beauty and fear that one can bring.

 Yesterday's storm was no exception and brought along with it a tinge of fear.

 Every afternoon or early evening this week we have had a huge storm, so 

I guess it's the most exciting thing that's been going on around here,

unless you think doing load after load of laundry is exciting.

{ looking out from the front porch 

{ a view from our second story deck }

We live on a ridge which sits at the highest point in our county,

The winds here are incredible,  I've lost more than one umbrella and

nearly a table over the edge of our deck...it can be quite scary during a storm.

I've had my kids in the bathtub in the basement on more than one occasion.

We have been very fortunate that the tornados always seem to miss us,

but we have friends close by that haven't been so lucky, 

as the tornados have hit several times within miles of our home.


looking to the left and my right off of my back deck,

these are the kind of skies that scare me.

So I guess you can understand now

why I always keep my

eyes to the skies.

{ images are straight from my camera }

Here's hoping you have sunny and pretty skies where you are

*peace & love*


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  1. Carrie, you get inside this minute! I'm afraid you're going to be like Mary Poppins if you stay out there and become airborne! ;-)

    I can understand both your fear and fascination. We must be twins separated at birth because I have that same fear/fascination thing with storms and find myself out taking pics of them, too. Lately, not so much. I just want to cower when an electrical storm occurs. And those skies, are really, really scary. I chased one in a car (trying to stay ahead of it) so that I could get out of harm's way. During that same period, we had some sort of freak cyclonic winds that took down two oak trees in our yard. One fell and knocked the other one down, and it cracked one in our neighbor's yard next door while an oak down the street in another neighbor's yard had a meeting with another neighbor's fence and pool. Water oaks are wicked trees with shallow root systems. Not one water oak remains in our yard now.

    Don't forget to bring in your porch furniture before your trip. I always try to remember to do that when we have storms approaching. That's one reason I bought lightweight furniture for the balcony to replace the heavy adrirondaks that were out there in St. Aug. It's usually just me there to pull them inside because Mr. Magpie's typically at work when inclement weather threatens. Convenient excuse! LOL! ;-)



  2. The view from your second story deck was amazing..WOW..that picture was oh my!! those clouds...whew!!

  3. Sounds glorious to me, but then our weather here is just plain boring!


  4. I'm scared! We are supposed to get bad storms tonight and since we got hit hard by Isabel, I'm not too fond of dark clouds, thunder, wind, etc.
    BUT sure are great photos!!
    Best wishes my friend.

  5. i have to say that i have a morbid curiosity about storms and i absolutely LOVE a good thunderstorm when i am in bed at night. tornados? not so much. those pictures are amazing...


  6. I think it has been a stormy June everywhere. I'm hoping July will be a better month. We finally had sunshine and a lot less humidity today which was nice but it is supposed to be in the 90's this weekend and stormy AGAIN!


  7. It can be scary, but it is also beautiful!!

  8. Is your daughter ok? I've heard the shots are very painful.
    Praying for her.

  9. Oh! Those skies are crazy beautiful and so intimidating all at the same time! Amazing! I've never been that close to a tornado before... hurricane winds and flooding, but no actual tornado just a mile away or so. I'm so glad you took pictures, I love to see storm clouds. I enjoyed your last few posts. Tried to comment on the other one when you had your perfectly cleaned house photos up, but blogger was being angry with me and wouldn't let me comment. Loved all the fresh flowers. I really enjoy sitting in my clean house during a rain storm. So relaxing to me. :)

    Hope your daughter is doing ok with her shots. Poor dear!!

    Take care and have a fabulous weekend!



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