{ my retreat }

I'm coming to you this lovely FATHER'S DAY

 morning from this little chair, under the shade of my favorite tree.

The breezes are blowing the scent of gardenia over my shoulder, and the birds are serenading me.

What a fantastic morning this is, my table is loaded with decorating books and a mug of coffee,

my patio is semi clean, the yard is freshly mown, and the gardens are mostly weeded...

perfect morning indeed.

Well, this is it.... this is my retreat.

It's not exactly like the pictures I've shared

or even like the images I have in my head,

it is a work in progress, but I'm loving the process.

You won't find it in any magazine or book,

but today it feels just perfect to me.

It's the perfect place to relax and unwind.   A perfect place to take in the nature surrounding me.

To enjoy the sounds, smells, and sights { like the little fawn that ran across my lawn }.

No, it's not something from a magazine, and it's impossible to keep clean  { it is outside },

but today, I am loving the way it feels out here, and I think Patches { above } would agree. 


to all the wonderful father's out there especially my own.

Papa & Poppy {my daddy } don't read my blog { I don't think},

but today I have to thank GOD for giving me the most wonderful

{ HUSBAND } and { FATHER } any woman could ever have.

* peace & love *


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  1. It looks beautiful and so cozy, I'm loving that hammock!!

  2. This is gorgeous and better than a magazine because you know there are people who really enjoy it! I think you have done an amazing job! I love how your wagon turned out with all your beautiful flowers. I think this spot would be so relaxing to sit with a great book and a cup of coffee or maybe a glass of wine, cheers!

  3. What a perfect retreat! I love it, and Patches has the right idea!


  4. Your retreat is just like you-- welcoming and bright. I love it, Carrie! It is better than what you see in a magazine because it is REAL, a real place used by real people on a daily basis. I would start my day here also. One can always trust cats to direct them toward the best places. Your Patches is a smart girl!
    Happy Sunday.

  5. How Sweet...tell Papa "Happy Fathers Day" :) love your outdoors retreat...puts me in the mood to go decorate the outdoors but we still have 1 more truck load of things to move up from FLA, and that includes my outdoor furniture. So for now I will live vicariously through your outdoor retreat!!

  6. Carrie, it is so ralaxed and peaceful and a wonderful place to enjoy nature. Have a wodnerful fathers day with your family.

  7. It looks just wonderful! Love the hammock and the kitty cat!

  8. Carrie, that is adorable! Love your retreat from the wicker to the hammock and everything in between!

    You ought to hook up with Rhondi's Porch Party. Check the post on my blog. This would be perfect for that!

    Happy Father's Day to the men in your life...


    Sheila :-)

  9. what a beautiful retreat! and it's so nice meeting you :)

  10. It's absolutely lovely Carrie - and I could definitely see the pics in Country Living. Your hammock and flowers and sweet cat make it so inviting and charming ♥

  11. It looks so beautiful!!!!!! I just discoverd your blog and I love it!!!

  12. Carrie, what an absolutely perfect place to sit and relax and enjoy your amazing garden! You have created such a gorgeous retreat! Hope you have a wonderful week ~ Tina xx

  13. Looks like the perfect retreat to me! Very peaceful and relaxing....love it!

  14. it looks like a fabulous place to chill!!! that hammock looks quilted and so much more comfortable than the netting ones.....i don't think i have ever seen one like that.


  15. hello~
    i just found your blog..you are so sweet to share all things in your life with us :)
    it is certainly a special year...everyone i know is enjoying their garden this year..be sure to do so often, God's creation certainly is the ultimate refresher!
    come by and see me anytime and i will put the kettle on :)


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