{ in the limelight }

In the limelight this evening we have this stunning {LIMELIGHT} hydrangea.

This amazing beauty is the most spectacular plant in my gardens by far.

They never let me down, and bloom in abundance each and every year.

The limelight has a beautiful conical shaped bloom.

 It blooms a lovely chartreuse to white in summer months,

and then turns a lovely dusty pink in the fall.

This wonderful specimen gives my garden interest through every season.

This hydrangea like most makes an excellent dried flower.

I simply leave them on the bush until they dry out,

then I bring them in for dried arrangements.

I love nothing more than to pile them high in a thrift store basket...

I display them in my home year round they are so lovely.

My shrubs are just now beginning to bloom, and by the time I return from vacation

they will be in full bloom,  a sight to behold... { I'll share when I get back }

I always get comments from neighbors on their beauty.

Unlike other varieties of hydrangeas these are very hardy, and their blooms never wilt.

I also have Nikko Blue which I also love, but they do not stand up as well 

to the intense sun and summer heat here in the south.

The blooms on this shrub range in size, but I've had blooms as large as my head.

{ that might not mean a whole lot... since I kinda have a pea head }

Oh my, I'm getting giddy with the anticipation of bringing 

lots of these lovelies inside for arrangements.

Now, before you run out and by a truck load of these beauties,

let me just say these ladies get really, really big.

I've had mine in the ground for about four years now,

and they've grown so much they were hiding the trees planted behind them.

These shrubs were as tall as the holly behind  

so I gave them a heavy duty pruning a few weeks ago

{ Papa seemed to think they were overwhelming the trees...hmm}.

They were nearly as tall as my magnolia tree on the other corner as well.

So, be sure if you plant these guys, you give them plenty of space to grow...

unless of course like me you plan to prune them back every few years.

Now, I need more to create a border around my backyard...

what a beautiful way to get some privacy.

*peace & love*


p.s.  today was the first day this week without evening showers... you should see my weeds { eep }
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  1. Gorgeous. I tried to grow a hydrangea bush but had no luck. Must be our soil!


  2. Your hydrangeas are gorgeous Carrie! I love the other varieties that need shade, but our garden does not get any shade from any direction...maybe this is the answer I have been looking for! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous pics of your flowers, they are divine and I am off to investigate more about them..fingers crossed they will grow here! Hope you have a wonderful weekend ~ Tina xx

  3. Hi Carrie, Limelights are one of my favourite too. They never wilt! and the blooms go on and on....Lovely photos.

  4. Sweetie, you took these photos?? Wow, I'm impressed!! They are GORGEOUS!

  5. hydrangeas are so gorgeous! and so are your photos!

  6. hello there sweet girl! love these flowers, a lot!! sorry I missed your birthday, I hope you had a wonderful time! muwahh, happy weekend!

  7. Carrie, not only is that hydrangea stunning, but your photographs are, too! STUNNING!


    Sheila :-)

  8. love your photos Carrie...keep them coming. I am finally unpacked and need inspiration to decorate :)

  9. Oi!!! lindas as hortênsias,as suas flores são maravilhosas. beijinho


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