{ e s c a p e }

d r e a m y

i n v i t i n g

e n c h a n t i n g

e s c a p e s

I dream of outdoor spaces like these,

and of finding a bike like this to tool around on.

h a p p y   w e e k e n d

* peace & love *


{ images...country living }
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  1. walking through these gardens will be heavenly! thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos! have a great weekend...verbena cottage

  2. Oh carrie, these pics are very dreamy! I LOVE the first one! I wish we lived closer as my hubby found a vintage black women's bike and did it up for me (he is a cyclist) BUT unfortunately I HATE riding bikes...so it is sitting in our shed:( I would give it to you in a heartbeat if the postage wouldn't be so huge! Thank you for sharing these gorgeous pics! I hope you have a lovely weekend my sweet friend ~ Tina xx

  3. I so hope to have an outdoor escape like any of those some day! They are just breath taking.

    Have a dreamy weekend!

  4. I hope I'm in the dream with you..Beautiful.

  5. Carrie those are inspiring outdoor places to escape...I want to find one for me. ;) I love it! I hope your enjoying your weekend friend.


  6. Todos os recantos são convidativos. Eles nos inspiram tranquilidade e paz. Muito bem colocadas estas imagens. Bom fim de semana cheio d alegria.

  7. Carrie I'm loving your first pic and think we could all enjoy lunch somewhere as beutiful as this..what fun we would have ..a bloggers lunch ..he he..enjoy your weekend and thanks for sharing such beautiful pics...Kym X

  8. Carrie, those are some wonderful spots! I could see myself enjoying ALL of them.

    BTW, someone is interviewing me for an article, and I am listing your post (the one to which I'm linked) as one I felt was very significant. Hope that's okay.


    Sheila :-)

  9. ahh... i dream of these things too! wonderful!


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