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Hello again my sweets. Oh my gosh I cannot believe it is Thursday and this week is nearly over already. I also cannot believe how busy I've been since Thanksgiving. I was finally able to get the majority of my Christmas decorating done yesterday, and thought I would share a few of my favorites.

First we have my sweet vintagey {don't check the dictionary for that} woolen Santa who greets visitors who enter our home.  I love his rustic homespun look, and I'm so glad I found him many years ago. He holds the same position of greeting each and every Christmas, I can't imagine dethroning him.

Isn't he sweet...makes me wish I had a grandpa with a long wooly beard. I haven't seen many Santa's I love more than this guy.  Do you have a special Santa?  I would love to see what he looks like, leave me a link if you do.

Of course Christmas would not be complete without some cute glittery caroling snowmen spreading lots of Good Cheer. I love the vintage look of these fellas. I wish I were lucky enough to find some really great vintage Christmas decorations, but I'll have to fake it until I do...I picked these guys up at TJ Maxx. I think they are really cute and add a bit of fun and whimsy to my home. I adore that sheet music hat. 

More glittery snowmen & women atop trimmings from my tree adorn the mantle in my keeping room. I might just have a thing for snowmen & women. Because here's the guy on the other end of the mantle.

I wanna go ice skating with him....doesn't he look sweet. Look, he even brought you a beautiful wreath. I just wanna go ice skating period....can you believe I've never been. Have you? I guess I would even settle for some good sledding, which leads me to my next favorite.

This old Champion sled I got at a yard sale this fall for 2 dollars.  I haven't quite figured out how to work him into my front porch scene yet. I would love to find an old pair of ice skates, and I really need to knit a big fluffy pair of mittens on strings to hang on him....If I can ever find the time.  I do like my bucket filled with clippings and those vintage ornaments on top will hopefully someday have a coating of snow and look more like snowballs. I wish I had thought to make some when it snowed the other day, no doubt they would still be sitting there as cold as it's been. My neighbor's kids even had a snowball maker I could have borrowed...what was I thinking? Oh yeah...I wasn't.  Oh well, this'll do for now.

I know I've already shared these ornaments I made with you, but this year....this is my absolute favorite decoration. I love how they turned out, and they look so lovely on my tree.  I tried to get a photo to share with no great success, so I'll be off to try it at night now....maybe I can share it with you tomorrow. Our tree decorating skills aren't going to land us in Better Homes, or Country Living by any means, but I think she's quite lovely. I started off thinking I would do something different and special with it this year, but when I started pulling our decorations out I couldn't bear leaving off all those special ornaments we've collected over the years in lieu of some kind of special new {trying to be old} theme. The memories they hold are worth more to me than a photo worthy tree...who knew. I really have enjoyed seeing all of the trees popping up in all of your blogs and around the web, so much inspiration and beauty. I could almost have left my tree bare this year she looked so beautiful when we brought her in and wrapped her with all those lovely little lights.

Soooo, anyhoo....I think I'm done with my holiday decorating unless you count gingerbread houses that still have to be put together and decorated. Okay, so I may never be done....but I'll be sure to share each decorating idea and craft project with you along the way.

Speaking of sharing....

This is what was happening at my house today. Lots and lots of pretty new trees. I'll share the end result with you tomorrow, but I couldn't be more excited. Pretty soon in a year or two I will look out my kitchen window and see nothing but beautiful evergreen trees hopefully filled with tons of sweet birds.

Thanks for reading along, I know this was a long one....I keep having to play catch up. Hope you all have had a wonderful day today.

:: peace :: love :: hugs ::
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  1. I love all of your snowmen Carrie:) I can't believe how fast this week has gone either, lots to do still!!!


  2. Hi Carrie,
    I love all of your sweet snowmen and your Santa, they are just fabulous!
    And I really love your handcrafted ornaments, they are wonderful!
    Hope you have a lovely night.

  3. Beautiful decorations for Christmas, which comes to us. All we really like, photos ...
    I wish you a nice and pleasant weekend.
    Kisses, Zondra Art

  4. What a great collection you have! I love the woolen Santa. Thanks for sharing.


  5. I love your Christmas faves! Nothing like an old sled to greet friends at the door. Hugs, Liz

  6. i love all of your snowmen, i have a thing for snowmen too :)
    and that sled is really pretty!

  7. Love the sled! I also have one and can't quite get it right on my porch either..when you find a cute idea share please! Thanks for following my blog and I love your talent!

  8. Great score on the sled Carrie! I see you are in the thick of the tree business as well.


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