:: snow day

This is what I was up to yesterday.

Yep.... making snow angels &

playing in the snow with my little wrens.

I could hardly keep my eyes open the snow was so bright.

How Miss P held her eyes that wide open I'm just not sure, 

mine were burning like crazy.

Thanks Aunt Tiff for the fun pics.

My wren's couldn't stop eating snow long enough for a photo.

They kept running around screaming "Free Food"

Here's my sweet sis Tiffany and her dog Howie, 

isn't she adorable all bundled up like an eskimo. 

We had a fun time building a fire and sitting out in the snow,

It was just sooooo beautiful and perfect.

Howie had a grand time pouncing through the snow like a deer.

I also spent some time photographing the birds outside of my window.

I love how pretty the birds look in the snow covered trees.

Ahhh....snow days....gotta love em'

:: peace, love & hugs ::


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  1. so cute! you got more snow than we did...

  2. Oh my gosh, we live in the midwest and we don't have that much snow. It seems like everyone is getting it but us! Darn it! Darling pictures of you and your wrens:)


  3. Beautiful and fun Carrie!! I hope your Christmas was wonderful! Glad you had lots of great snow to play in...believe it or not, I live in Colorado and had no snow for Christmas...weird right?! lol Those little wrens of yours are so very cute!! Love all the pics...hugs and love friend!


  4. Looks like such a fun day Carrie!
    Your little wrens are so cute!!!
    I love the shot you captured of the bird..so pretty and natural...
    Have a great week!

    Deborah xoxo

  5. Looks like you had a Fabulous day! Love the lil photo of the bird, how sweet.Happy Holidays~Cheers Kim

  6. Great pictures and the picture with the bird Beautiful.



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