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If you guessed a macro lens in answer to my question yesterday, you would be 100% correct. Though I thought of asking Santa for a new camera, I decided to stick with my Nikon D80. It really is a great camera, and I owe it to myself and it to figure out all the ins and outs of it before I move on to something newer and greater { I have been looking at the new 3100 though....nice }. I just can't upgrade yet...I haven't even given this camera the chance to do all it can do...I'm actually quite amateurish when it comes to my camera I have to admit.

This is a close up of what I've been working on over the Christmas break. One of my presents from Papa was this book " Doodle Stitching- The Motif Collection " by Aimee Ray. I love this book it's chock full of the cutest embroidery designs. This is my version of one of her embroidery patterns...though mine is a little wonky because I didn't trace it onto my fabric and just winged it instead,  I changed up my colors a little too. Still it has been lots of fun getting out all of my embroidery supplies and playing around. I now have this book by Aimee Ray on the way as well " Doodle Stitching - Fresh & Fun embroidery for beginners ", when I went over to amazon for the link I just had to add it to my cart, I just love her designs what a talented lady.

On another note, but still a product review I now realize, since I'm kind of reviewing the book above which I absolutely give 5 stars. I purchased the new Liquid Pencil by Sharpie today. I'm thinking this is Pen/Pencil is an absolutely fabulous idea.

It's quite amazing....liquid graphite...erasable...permanent in 24 hours...I couldn't wait to get home to check it out. 

OOooh, it writes like butter....soooo smooth...so far so good.

Oh my, it erases like a dream...can it really be the perfect pencil????

Ummm....that would be a big fat NO.

As I continued to write, the wheels came off. It started to skip, and hardly had any ink or graphite flow at all. Now, unless I just happened to get a dud set these pencils did not work as I had hoped they would. I was so excited at first because it truly worked like a dream and it was smoother than any pen I have ever used before, then nothing....skipping and almost illegible. So boo hoo for the perfect pencil, they should have worked on it a little longer before bringing it to market. I may give it the benefit of the doubt and another try....after all it was perfect for a few sentences, if I do and it works better I'll let you know until then...this one is a DUD....sorry Sharpie {I really do love your products}.

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying all of your Christmas goodies as much as I am. If you have used these pencils with greater success than me I would love to know, I really do want them to work as they should.

:: peace, love & hugs ::
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  1. Carrie,

    Love your project...it is just beautiful!!


  2. I was all excited about that Sharpie...oh well!

    You have EXTREMELY NEAT handwriting Carrie.

  3. Carrie,
    Your stiching is beautiful.I don't see a hoop. Are you using one? Simply beautiful. I like the colors you used. You have to show us when it's complete. Hugs, Liz


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