:: get the look part two

This is the other side of Miss Punky's sleeping area which lies behind the two bookcases & gate that divides her room into a private sleeping & work space, and her public entertainment area with her sofa and television.

I chose this dining table from Ikea as a desk because it fit the full width of the space giving her plenty of space for two people to work & spread out { per her request }. This table was super easy to put together, and makes a perfect work surface { I would love one for my studio }.

The paper roll & holder are the perfect thing for larger art projects, and also make it easy to pull out a large piece of paper to cover her work surface & protect her table. I also love these little galvanized pails, they are just perfect for holding all of her drawing supplies within reach. The curtain wire including clips is the perfect thing for hanging up her ever changing collection of drawings and artwork.

I used the curtain rod on the left for the windows, and the cafe rod {in bronze} on the right for hanging my vintage curtains {sheet} over the bookcases. An attempt to hide the toys and art supplies to try & keep her sleeping space feeling organized & calm. 

Her two modern style chairs are sold in pairs for 63.99 at Target and are still available....they come in lots of other fun colors too. I really like these chairs....they are perfect for a kids space since they are lightweight and easy to wipe down.

The lamps on her desk I already had on hand, when I searched something similar I couldn't find anything I liked. If I were getting lamps today I might pick one of these below.

{ peace, love & hugs }
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  1. I just used the tripod lamp from Target, just like the middle one you showed in my office space. They fit and look great.

  2. Cute chairs!!
    Yes, do post a painting or two on your
    Blog. I would love to see them!
    Have a great weekend,
    xxx Liz

  3. Eric helped me hang one of the curtain wire's with clips above my desk and I'm lovin' it! Thanks for posting. :)

  4. Our local Goodwill is host to Target castoffs and I have seen those exact chairs ( in orange )there for 15.00! That is a massive savings for all of us che...I mean, frugal shoppers. Some of the castoffs are damaged but most are in perfect condition.


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