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Just a few things I wouldn't mind bringing home from TarJay.
Well, I did come home with the clock for the "MAN CAVE"anyway,
and a few more goodies that I'll try to share with you later.

Now I have to go get my house presentable for the dog trainer 
and the crazy spotted dog who's coming home from doggie boot camp today.
We've missed her spots and her sweet kisses, now let's hope we can be trained to keep her on track.

I'm heading off to the coast tomorrow to visit my Granparents,
they're renewing they're vows after 60 years of marriage...isn't that sweet.
I'll check back in with you guys on Monday....Hope you have a great weekend.

Oh yeah, all the photos are from my iphone and you can
follow along with me on INSTAGRAM to see what other nonsense I shoot.

{peace, love & hugs}
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  1. How I would love to get my hands on those awesome yellow lampshades! Great finds, and I, too, want to start using Instagram. Such great photos!

  2. I have been wanting that clock! And I loved those driftwood lanterns...I was just saying how fun it was to go to Target after the holidays and see all the new items for spring.

  3. What lovely finds! 'TarJay' is one of the things I miss since leaving North American. Oh, and HomeSense! Love your blog and your gorgeous home. B x

  4. I was at 2 different TarJay's today. I had my IPhone with me. Did I even take a bad photo? NO!!!!!!L
    Love yours!

  5. I just saw that glass bulb table lamp base last night. Little did I know that today we would actually be getting an official side table, so I'm itching to snag it now! What is your Instagram username? I'm trying to find you on my phone...

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