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Good morning friends. I just have to share this new to me product with you this morning. When I took my kids for haircuts the other night, I asked my niece if she would recommend anything for my dry & brittle winter hair. Of course she did, and I purchased Joico's K-Pak reconstruct wondering if anything could help my dry yucky looking hair. Well, I'm pleased to say that my hair is so silky soft and amazing right now that I'm completely sold on this product and I just had to share it with you.

In fact I just got my Ulta sales circular this morning and they have it in their circular by one get one %50 off. I think that's a great deal, and if I hadn't already bought a big bottle I would definitely take advantage. I checked Ulta online, but they didn't offer it, so it may just be at select Ulta stores.

Amazon also sells it, and you can buy a smaller size there in case you want to give it a try before you commit to a full sized bottle. Anyway, that's my two cents on the subject, I really like this product.

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