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When I was a little girl I loved horses with all my heart. Sadly I never had a horse of my own. My uncles each had a horse at some time during my childhood so on occasion I was able to ride as a young girl. I was completely smitten....I loved the smell of them, their big beautiful brown eyes, their muscular bodies, I loved everything about them....still do. My bedroom was overflowing with horses, toys & posters. I dreamed of having my own horse someday....still do. Eventually as I grew up, I gave away my toy horses, {which I now regret, I would have loved to have been able to pass them on to my daughter who shares my love} and the horse posters were replaced with the likes of John Stamos, and Kirk Cameron from the latest teeny bop magazine. However, I've never stopped dreaming of having my own horse.....Someday.  

Luckily my youngest daughter shares in my affinity for horses, she loves them as much as if not more than I did. She LOVES horses so much that I dare say she may even trade in her brother for one if given the chance. Fortunately for me I get to live vicariously through her, and we are able to send her for riding lessons where she can fulfill her dreams of becoming an equestrian. I've even had the opportunity to ride with her on occasion. Just being on a horse brings me more joy than you can imagine, and sharing it with my daughter makes it all the better. So far it isn't in the cards for us to own horses of our own. You can rest assured though that when we realize our dream of owning a farm, there will be a horse on it...even if it's a miniature and the size of a large dog lol. Hopefully her riding lessons will lead us in the direction of horse ownership someday, but until then at least she gets to spend time with them as she learns to ride and take care of them. She also looks amazing in the saddle and is quite a natural,  her instructor said " she's scary good ". I'm so proud.

So, here's to dreaming....and seeing where our dreams take us.

{peace, love & hugs}

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  1. I too have a lifelong love of horses (they do smell great) and being around them is therapeutic to me. I spent my childhood (and young adulthood) barefoot in the barn and living on top of my old mare. We do not have horses anymore but my little sweetie started riding lessons when she was 4 and loves them like I do. I am like you and living vicariously through her temporarily fulfills my desire to have another. I hope one day you will living on a farm with a couple of beautiful horses in the pasture. Beautiful pictures too!

  2. i've always said my favorite place is on a horse. i was lucky enough to grow up riding and having ponies. i miss it so so much! need to focus on getting back in the saddle this year. love your photos!!!!

  3. Used to take lessons as a kid too and was horse CRAZY. I won't go into the embarrassing stories of how obsessed I was... but let's just say it was "scary good". Haha! It would be so cool for you all to have one to share someday!

    Nook & Sea

  4. Beautiful photos!!! My 2 year old son is pretty enamored with them too. We spent time in Pennsylvania with my in-laws. They live near an Amish farm and they took my son for walks to see the horses. He loved petting them! I hope his love for horses continues as he grows.

  5. Just stumbled upon your blog and I love all of it. I too, live precariously through my daughter as an eventing equestrian (also my childhood dream). My daughter, now 25, has moved from Ks to Nashville and cannot wait to bring her thoroughbred to be with her. Lucky family that we are, we now have a small farm and all of her horsey friends get to live with us. It fills my heart to the point of bursting each and every day just to be with them (and yes smell them) and my wish is that you will some day have this opportunity also.


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