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Just thought I'd share a picture of my little window garden as it looks today. It's come a long way since I first posted about it. All of my little herb cuttings have taken off and grown into full fledged herb plants. My oregano has done especially well. My basil is doing so so, but for some reason it wants to go straight into flowering. I have to keep pinching off the flowers to encourage more leaf growth...it's getting there though. I'm so excited that come spring I'll be able to take these plants and put them in my tiered herb container....no having to go out and buy all new plants. I'll then begin the process all over again with cuttings and keep these same plants going for as long as possible.

I very much enjoy gardening and this little kitchen window garden has been just the thing to get me through these long winter months. I adore having this little island of green in my kitchen....it makes me sooooo happy.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend : )

{peace, love & hugs}

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  1. It looks beautiful! And I love the bench too!
    Have a great weekend! XOXO

  2. I always have herbs in my gardens. Right now I have my indoor plants gathered in an old vintage wash tub in the dining room!

  3. I love your little indoor garden! I keep potted plants scattered around the house, but seem to have trouble with herbs. The rosemary plant shriveled and died, and the parsley looks pitiful. In prior years, I have had the same experience. Any tips?

  4. Very cute! I love this idea...I have constantly tried placing a few plants outside of our front door and in our kitchen window, but the area hardly gets any direct sunlight and is always wet with our beach-dew as a result. The plants seem to work better out on the back patio where the sun is more evident, but I love your indoor bench (talk about easy watering)!

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  5. Mmm....I love fresh herbs. I want so badly to grow an herb garden but I (unfortunately) have a black thumb. :(

  6. this is gorgeous. i should do something like this in our sunroom. so pretty!


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