:: the many faces of "My Girl"


This is "My Girl" and the journey of a thousand underpaintings.

She is the fifth painting I attempted after finally getting the nerve to attempt oils.

First I purchased a beginner set of  Winsor & Newton oil paints.

I bought this tabletop easel and carrying box.

I found some inexpensive oil paintbrushes.

I purchased pre primed canvases & some Gamsol odorless mineral spirits. 

I made an 8 x10 palette with the glass from an old picture frame edged with tape.

I grabbed a roll of paper towels an old rag and some q-tips.

I watched this video by Mark Carder. 

Remember my little pear from my last post? Well that was the first thing I attempted to paint while watching the video linked above. That same evening I made three more small paintings. They are clearly beginner, but I had so much fun painting & figuring things out. I am officially in love with oil paints, the consistency is like butter and so pleasing to paint with. I love blending and moving paint around on the canvas figuring out brush strokes and how paints blend to make other colors. I'm sure my techniques are less than perfect and I probably do a lot of things improperly, but it's so much fun just having at it.

When I painted my version of Vermeers Girl with a Pearl Earring I used a reference photo from an art book of his work. I spent a whole day trying to get my drawing/underpainting correct...or at least as close as possible to the original. It's amazing how the smallest changes I made would create a whole new person. I haven't drawn many portraits, in fact this is one of few I've ever attempted & the first I've ever painted. I'm very pleased with how she turned out, she isn't perfect and right now I can look at things I need to fix...but I dare not for fear of ruining what I do have. I love seeing her on my wall, and having my very own version in my home.  She is absolutely one of my favorite paintings. I love the colors in the painting and of course her beautiful face. There is so much speculation on the Girl, who she was, what was her story & it all just adds to the beauty of this masterpiece

What do you think? Are you interested in oil painting?
Are you already an experienced oil painter?

If you are experienced and have any tips or advice, I'm all ears. I am currently trying to paint more regularly. It doesn't always work out, but I try to make time whenever I can to break out the paints and create something. There have been a lot of fails, and some pieces that I'm happy with. The most exciting part for me is seeing the little improvements & a bit of my own style develop. Most of all it's just fun getting lost in creating.

Hope this post finds you well!!

{ peace, love & hugs }

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