{ landscape design part 1 }

This is the view into my backyard.

See our lovely trampoline that was demolished in the last storm we had.

It ended up close to the driveway of the house behind us....can you believe that.

Now it sits in it's original home, unusable, and I can't wait to get rid of it,

or at least move it over to the left side of our lot { out of the picture }.

While I was sitting outside this afternoon, enjoying the slightly cooler weather today.

I was daydreaming about the trees and landscaping I would like to add to improve my view.

I really do love the wide open views of the skies at night, but I don't care for seeing

other houses. My goal is to create a park like setting in my backyard.

I long for complete privacy, and surrounding myself with 


So, Here's the planting PLAN
I'll need about ten of these Leyland Cypress,

four more of these River Birch to add to the two I already have,
two of these lovely Yoshino Cherry trees
four more of my favorite Limelight Hydrangeas,

and last buy not least by any means, one of my favorites the Weeping Willow.

Now, here's what I have in mind.

You can barely see the house behind me, 

and I'm sure I don't have the cypress scaled to full size.

What do you think?

Is it an improvement?

You have to forgive me for my symmetry,

no matter how hard I try, I just can't get away from it.

This is just a plan too,

things are always subject to change in my world,

Now, my image isn't true to life, because never would my cherry trees

and limelight hydrangeas be in bloom at the same time,

but you get the idea.

I'm thinking it would be the perfect spot for a wedding someday.

Is it crazy that I'm even thinking of that.

I can't help it, I would love to see my backyard be beautiful enough

that my children would wan't to be married under that weeping willow someday.

A girl can dream can't she...now let's just hope I can make it that pretty.

I used photoshop, and the images above to compile the finished photo.

 floridata.com  { yoshino cherry }, sodahead.com { river birch tree }, wofarms.com { leyland cypress }

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  1. Oh my goodness Carrie, what a gorgeous backyard you already have. It's such a beautiful view. We live on a corner on a busy street so not much privacy here. Are you guys still thinking about moving? I thought I remembered you saying something about that awhile back?


  2. That is a great plan, Carrie. I love your ideas. My only concern is that I would check to be sure the willow can do well away from water, unless you have a little pond there. I thought that they liked to be wet, but I could be wrong. I love what you did, and you picked some very pretty trees.


    Sheila :-)

  3. Carrie, you had better start growing your saplings now. Thats a lot of trees. It looks lovely though.

    I love your new banner!


  4. I absolutely love it. (except for the symmetry of course ;)

  5. I would use a mix of evergreens instead of just one species such as Leylands, they tend to get bagworm and are fairly shallow-rooted (ie-will fall in storms). Perhaps a nice mix of hollies, cryptomeria, arborvitae (if you don't have deer) could be a great screen and be more beneficial for wildlife. Maybe even add a Redbud for early spring color or a Red Maple for fall color? Sorry, being a Landscape Designer gets me carried away! Let me know if you have questions...I'm happy to help. *Amy

  6. That is some huge yard - wowzers ! I agree about not seeing houses. We live in the 'burbs though so we have houses everywhere - thank goodness for nice tall fences.

    I love the plan you have in mind - natural and private - the best of both worlds...

    thanks for sharing!

  7. Adorei o seu projeto, gosto muito de verde. As árvores trazem uma beleza especial para as nossas casa. Parabéns vai em frente e plante ,plante muitas árvores a natureza agradece. Aqui fica o meu abraço . Deus te abençoe. Sonya do Criar no Dia a Dia

  8. It is going to be so fabulous!!! I love it.


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