{ after first }

I decided today to start out with the after photos this time,

just because the before photos are so bad quality wise.

Besides, I want my little thumbnail pic to be pretty if it's on your blog.

So below is my bedroom today, it's come a long way since we first moved in.

Of course the bedroom is always the last to be decorated,  and ours was really no different.

After six years my bedroom is the only room without window treatments.

 I am in the process of looking for some right now though.

As someone who generally learns from her past decorating mistakes,

I really want to find some inexpensive, but nice ready mades.

Like I've said before, I change my mind a lot. 

Pottery Barn has some panels that I really love in cotton/linen,

but when I priced it out, it added up to over $700.00 just for eight curtain panels { ouch }.

I have to say that's just a little more than my budget can handle right now, 

so I'm exploring other options, I found something very similar at Target.

One thing I am sure of is that I want bronze rods, with very simple finials,

and I do want a cotton or linen fabric in an off white or ivory color 

to match my matelassé, and keep the room airy and bright.

I've thought about custom curtains, and a new bedskirt,

but again, I change my mind so often it's just not prudent.

{ today }

Recognize the sofa and my corner reading chair?

They were the original living room furniture we picked out.

They fit perfectly in this room, and the color ended up going quite nicely

with the bedding and rugs, for a nice, neutral, soothing escape.

I love my bed, it is by far the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in.

The sofa isn't too shabby either when it comes to those long afternoon naps.

My bed makes me feel like a princess, and when I'm away I always look forward to

coming home and sleeping in my warm, cozy, cushy bed.

Another thing I especially love about my bedroom is my  fireplace,

it is definitely one of the things that sold me on my house. 

{ even though there wasn't one mature tree anywhere on the property }

Funny the things you will sacrifice when you are looking for the perfect home.

Actually, the fact that there are four fireplaces sold me,  I love to snuggle in front of a warm fire, 

and honestly, that's just not something you generally find in new construction today.

There were supposed to be built ins on either side of the fireplace,

however, for some reason the builder decided he didn't need to add them,

and we didn't find out until too late...some day we will have them added,

but for now, there is a little nook for our Lucy to sleep in, and I've just added this

little table and lamp to fill up the other nook.  When we do have the built ins done,

each one will have a little chicken wire cabinet underneath for each of our yorkies to sleep in at night.

because If they aren't in a kennel, they wake Papa up in the middle of the night to go out,

I think it will be so nice to give them each their own little nest....someday.

{ bedroom in 2005 ]

Thanks so much for visiting me, and for all of the sweet comments you leave me.

I look so forward to what you have to say, and I have received some great advice through this blog.

It's so nice to get to share my home with you,  and  I'm especially happy that you think it looks comfy and

inviting, because that is exactly what I want,  a nice place for friends and family to visit.

Just a little clarification for my dear sweet friends here at home, 

A move to Wilmington is still a few years away for us,  I think we will be waiting until our oldest

graduates from high school, and goes off to college before we make any major changes.

It's still kinda fun to think about,  change can definitely be a good thing sometimes.

Sorry for the false alarm,  Papa really did have me thinking he was ready to get out of dodge though,

and of course being the amazingly wonderful wife that I am, I always jump on board. { * wink * }

* peace & love*


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  1. your bedroom is so cozy and inviting...and you are so right...aren't they the last places we concentrate on? Wow! the afters show that you have come a long way, baby!

  2. Hi Carrie,
    Wow what a wonderful master retreat! Oh to have that kind of space! I would love to have a little reading spot in our bedroom. You did a beautiful job.


  3. Hi, Carrie.

    My room is about 1/3 the size of yours and pretty dim, too. I love seeing what you've done with it. It's absolutely gorgeous!!!

  4. love what you did with the space! It looks so comfortable and charming. great job!!!

  5. Oh goodness, I think your bedroom is bigger than my living and dining room put together. What an awesome space.

    Hey, are you guys moving?


  6. I'm totally envious of all that wonderul light your bedroom gets! I love the cozy additions. It's so inviting!!

  7. Oh my your house is huge. I just love everything about it. That bedroom is 'to die for' simply gorgeous. I will definately be following your blog. Kym

  8. oh Carrie your room is just wonderful! i love what you did with all that space...sigh...space I crave some of it!! The sofa infront of the bed with a fireplace looks so cozy and warm! I love the light in the space and why o why do curtains have to be so expensive???

  9. Your room looks like it belongs in a very expensive, upscale hotel! It is amazing!!!! I love your princess bed! I have one of those too-a bed that makes me feel like a princess.
    Our master bedroom is always the last room to get done too. We have lived in our current home for three years now and it's not even started- because I find one thing I really like but then change my mind before I can bring the room together!! LOL!! But I am working on it now. We'll see if it gets done or if it will look the same three years from now!



I love seeing your lovely faces & reading your sweet comments. Thanks for taking the time to visit me : ) * I do my best to respond by e-mail, if I miss you please forgive me. peace & love * Carrie

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