{ ghosts of flowers past }

Hello friends,  hope you have all had a wonderful weekend.

I have had a crazy busy, but great weekend.

The garage sale went quite well, I really enjoyed it,

and I was able to sale of lots of stuff.  

Of course not all of it got swept up so I've decided

to have another one this weekend coming up.

I figured I already had everything set up, so why not.

Hopefully I'll get rid of a little more, make a little more money,

and what's left will be donated to my favorite thrift store

to help battered and abused women and children.

I want to share this lovely treasury, with you.

That's my  { c a r o l i n e }  scarf at the beginning of the third row.

I think this is an absolutely beautiful collection of items.

You can go check them out by clicking here.

Many thanks to the curator Monarchdancer for choosing

me to be a part of her collection of lovelies.

I also love the theme and title don't you.

Very well done.

Hope you have a great evening,

I certainly will, because The Tudors is back,

and it's on HBO tonight woo hoo!!

If you don't already watch, you should

check out the past seasons, it's very well done.

I love a good historical drama.

Hey, it really is the little things in life you know.

* peace & love *


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  1. Enjoy your show! I never watched it, but will look for it now. I love anything from that time period.

  2. Love your Caroline scarf Carrie! Good luck with your next garage sale, what an absolute darling you are to donate the proceeds to your favourite charity! You are such an inspiration my dear. Enjoy The Tudors:) Wishing you a wonderful week ~ Tina xx

  3. the scarf looks great in that grouping!

  4. That is a wonderful name for the grouping. Your scarf looks at home among all the other pretty little things. Have yourself a good week!


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