{ finders keepers }

So ladies here's the thing.

I shop, it's what I do.  

Consider me a personal shopper.

I shop for me, I shop for you,

{if you visit my little etsy shop}.

Sometimes I find amazing treasures.

Herein lies my ongoing dilemma.

If I love it can I keep it,

Or is it my duty to share?

Here are a few of the 


I found today.

first I found this pretty little glass carafe

{ glass is my weakness }

then there was this little lovely

more glass {{ squeals of excitement }}

and this mid century glass canister.

{ more glass }

later, I found this cute little guy

{ ceramic, kinda glass }

when I got home,

I found this pretty glass carafe,

in my china cabinet from a previous

shopping trip.

Another glass carafe found previously.

Then I did this....

This is the arrangement I ended up with.

I think it's quite lovely on my kitchen table.

Much more interesting than the single

uninteresting vase I had there before.

I'm going to justify this keeper 

by saying how hard it is to ship glass.

It's heavy, and it's not cheap...right?!?

Remember that cute little doggie planter

way up there above.

Well, let's just say he probably 

won't be found in my shop anytime soon.

Sorry Gals, but this little fella is mine.

That's my other big crush...

dog figurines. 

{ sitting ones, lying ones, flying ones }

I love them all.

Here he is sitting on my

sweet vintage table,

in front of my ironstone pitcher 

of new and vintage knitting needles.

Right beneath my fantastic new lamp

filled with new and vintage yarns

{ the vintage are from my own great grandmother's collection }

Isn't he just the cutest.

I think so anyway, and I think he's found 

his forever home.

He fits right into my new studio

{ more pics to come of the redo soon. }

Here's to Finders Keepers.

*peace & love*

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  1. All your finds are perfect and your floral arrangement is beautiful all grouped together. I know what you mean - I would be a horrible personal shopper and glass is also one of my weaknesses.
    Thanks for all the pretty pictures - can't wait to see the redo!
    Sarah :)

  2. I think I would be just like you, wanting to keep most of the stuff I found. I guess it's a good thing I don't have a shop!

    Love your little vase arrangement. It reminds me of a vase sculpture I just saw in "Real Simple" - a bunch of vases all grouped together, and sold for $300-something. Yours is prettier and much more economical. :)

  3. I too love glass...my weakness as well! I am in love with that blue handle carafe' and the glass grouped together...perfect!! I think they are all keepers Carrie...seriously...glass is too fragile. lol ;)

    Hugs and enjoy your sweet grouping,


  4. Great finds!! I am loving all your beautiful glassware. Hope your having a wonderful day! xoxo

  5. GLASS is totally my weakness too! If I could learn any difficult craft it would be glass blowing! I'm a sucker for clear and colored! I LOVE your finds and having them grouped just multiplies the lovely goodness!

  6. I love your glass collection! Love the vignettes to! ~lulu

  7. Hi Carrie,
    I used to have that little doggie planter in pink but I like him much better in brown. The grouping of glass is beautiful, great display!


  8. the bottles collection looks stunning! right out of a magazine...

  9. OH DARN!! Now I have to go back and buy the lamp I saw today just like the one you have (or looks like it!) I thought sand and sea shells inside for my daughter but didn't think of YARN!!! Got to have it....
    THANKS a lot for the idea!!
    Love the glass grouping...

  10. Carrie!! I looooove what you did with your vase arrangement! Beautiful collection!!! I wouldn't be able to part with any of it either. So glad you posted this so I could drool. I'm ready to go shopping now. :)

    Sending you sunshine,

  11. ohh girl, I do this all of the time and I think your little arrangment of glass decanters is perfect!! and you can tell papa I said so! :)

  12. What lovely finds and what a lovely blog!

  13. Wishing you a great weekend. Miss your visits:(


  14. I love your finds. I would have a hard time giving up all of those treasures.
    Have a great weekend.


  15. Hi Carrie, you can make the simplest little thing look so lovely. I am glad you kept them all.


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