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Good morning sweet friends, 

I hope everyone is starting this week off well.

I had a very productive day yesterday, and today,

I have a few new items coming to my shop

and I wanted to give you a sneak preview.

First I have this lovely vintage glass cloche on a painted wood base.

This item can no longer be used for food because of the paint,

but it is perfect for displaying and protecting small treasures,

like the ones shown in the photos below.

Next I have this very old stoneware pitcher made by 

Robinson Ransbottom Pottery,  or R. R. P.  Roseville Pottery Co., of Roseville, Ohio.

This company has been making pottery since the early 1900's, and has just recently gone out of business.

That makes this piece very special, in that no more will every be made like it.

I'm not quite sure of the age of this piece, but it is definitely vintage.

This lovely pitcher measure a generous 8 inches tall, and makes a perfect vase.

Lastly I have what else....more glassware.

I'm having a hard time sharing this little beauty, { you know how I am about glass }.

This is an old vinegar bottle, but I think it makes a lovely little bud vase.

I am in love with the little details on the handle and around the neck.

This is a very lovely example of old glass.

I hope you'll forgive me for not sharing more interesting things,

but I am still in the midst of some major spring cleaning and work around my house.

I have had very little time to be truly creative.  I hope sometime soon to get caught up

and back in the groove of creative and more interesting blogging.

Until then though, you'll have to indulge me while I share shop talk with you.

Have a wonderful week.

*peace & love*


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  1. ARE there more interesting things? Wait! Don't tell me.Ignorance is bliss, they say!
    These things are all lovely.I love the Sweet Williams pictured up there.Very nice:)

  2. I love "simple" posts like this. Love it when the pictures say it all. Each of these items is beautiful and your photos are fabulous. Beautiful inspiration.

  3. Hi Carrie,
    Love how the white roses look in the brown pitcher. Hope your day is blessed.


  4. G'Day~ oh I hear you it's been a very busy time for me as well.Hang in there we'll still be here.

    Sweet items, great photos.~Cheers Kim

  5. Lots of pretties! I love shop talk - keep it coming! :-)

  6. Your post is lovely Carrie! I love your treasures, especially that cloche! Thank you for shairng, I hope they all go to lovely new homes:) Happy Spring cleaning my friend ~ Tina xx

  7. Gorgeous finds Carrie, especially that Cloche. You have many lovley things in your shop!



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