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Happy Saturday!

Just wanted to share a few of the lovelies that I've added to my shop recently.

If you love all things French, then this little salt box is just the thing for your kitchen.

I'm in love with the time worn patina, chips, rust and all.   

It doesn't get any shabbier or french.


How about this great 1950's kitchen timer for your vintage kitchen.

This little guy actually still works too.  What a great mid century piece 

to add to a vintage or retro kitchen.

Lastly I have added this sweet little hobnail vase.

Made of beautiful vintage white milk glass that is so soft and pretty.

 I think these are just the sweetest, and would be perfect for that 

Cottage or Shabby chic room,  just add fresh picked flowers

and you have instant sunshine in your decor.

I'm still in the midst of spring purging, and

I hope it will come to an end very soon.

I've asked my mother to come help me {is that bad?}

weed things out,  because truly I am overwhelmed by it all.

I can't see how little old me can go through all the closets,

the kitchen cabinets, and the kids bedrooms in a weeks time.

I think I'll be having a really big garage sale next weekend,

or several trips to Goodwill, if I can't make it that long.

I absolutely cannot wait to be rid of all the excess s-t-u-f-f.

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify,

That's my new mantra.

Wish me luck....I'll need it for sure.

*peace & love*


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  1. I wish I were there to help you. I'm good at throwing out.
    I wish you luck....

  2. For some reason I KNOW it would be so fun to help you out!

  3. Love your new mantra Carrie and I love your new treasures, well done you:) Hope you have a fabulous weekend ~ Tina xx

  4. I am loving hobnail milkglass lately and have been picking it up like crazy. I just bought a couple pieces today at an estate sale. I have it displayed on my turquoise built-in. I am getting ready for a huge sale and I can't wait to purge...simplify is right. Now the key for me is once I get rid of it is not to go out and buy more! It's a vicious cycle!


  5. Oh Carrie, you will feel so much better and your soul will feel lighter when you've gotten rid of all the excess stuff in your home. I'm so glad your mom can come and help. Extra motivation and hands are always welcome when cleaning out. Best of luck!!

    Loving your new finds! That timer is adorable! You've got such a fun shop and great eye for little lovelies!

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend.


  6. I thought I made a comment and then it vanished....I was just going to say that that salt box is wonderful and also that kitchen timer.

  7. Great new finds! Hope your having a great day! xoxo

  8. oh we have been spring cleaning too, I think you need your mama for the fun too!! hope you had a nice weekend!! xo

  9. Lovely vintage finds!
    Spring cleaning & gathering up things here for a Garage Sale too :-)

  10. Lots of goodies! Have fun cleaning out closets and drawers. It's a pain, but is such a wonderful feeling later.
    By way, I can tell that you are a young'in. The font you use is so small. LOL


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