{ ch-ch-changes }

I was going through my old pictures this morning looking for some of Italy to share with you,

when I came across some older photos taken of my home.

I thought it might be fun to share some "that was then and this is now" pics.

this was my kitchen in 2005

This is my kitchen today.

let's see if you can spy things that have changed,

Let's see,  curtains,  change in artwork by doors,

different kitchen table & rug,  different lamps on the buffet, and accessories.

Wow, my kitchen table really fills up the space.  When we first got it papa and I kinda freaked out,

it was so much bigger than our little table before.  I guess it's o.k., I like more cozy settings anyway,

and these chairs are uber comfy,  great for long conversations over coffee with friends.

Okay, so I know most of you white lovers are cringing right now at that bold red paint color on the wall.  

Well,  I guess red was one of my favorite colors, because I seem have been quite attracted to it in 2005.

I guess I just like color in general, because there are so many different ones around my house.

The color on the kitchen and keeping room walls is "roasted pepper".

My painter chose this one for me, because he knew it turned out well.

After more than 5 years, I've grown tired of the red, 

and am needing something a little more subdued the problem is...

papa has not...he says these rooms are his favorite because of the red.

Now.... If I were so inclined I would just go out and purchase paint and redo 

the room while papa was at work....problem....these walls are much to difficult

for me to paint on my own, there's a stairwell, and it's just something I have to hire out.

That means money.  Money I don't have to spend on painters right now, even though

I'm dying to lighten up throughout my house.  I guess I've kinda caught the neutral bug.

Of course, by the time I change my house again, the trend will be back to color.

It's all such a vicious cycle, change always leads to more change.

Then of course if you are me you get tired of it all so quickly that you need more...

change.  I know i'm not alone in this, because I see lots of you constantly rearranging

and moving things just like I do.  It must be a fickle girl thing.

Guys never get tired of anything, and that can be a problem for us girls.

I was trying to change the paint in photoshop to a cream color, but my PS crashed

because my scratch disk is full.  No wonder, I only have like 5 million photos and documents on here.

Time for an extra hard drive...hmmm...maybe that's what I'll spend my garage sale loot on.

Not that I really want to, lord knows I would totally rather use it for decorating.

This is the view of my keeping room in 2005 or thereabout.

One thing has for sure changed, and that's the quality of my photos.  Go Nigel.

Chairs have changed, rug has changed, kiddie table is gone...replaced by a bistro table for the now big kids.

Artwork has moved again, different lamp, different accessories { they change almost daily }.

I'm not sure, but I'm kinda digging the less is more look of the before pics.

I really have started to have way too much stuff.  What do you think, too much stuff?

Just the right amount of stuff, or just plain ugly stuff, just kidding....

like you would be honest and tell me if it was.

Well, maybe that ratty old green ladder.

Hey, every room needs that one thing that just doesn't belong.

I know you have got to be so bored already, this post has become incredibly long.

I want to share more before and afters with you, but for now I have to go do my 

weekly mowing { to the beach },   Don't you think I should be able to hire a cleaning lady,

since I do the mowing for papa?  I think I've almost convinced him that that would be a good trade.

I can't believe this week is almost over already. Come back tomorrow for more before and afters.

Ta! Ta!

* peace & love *

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  1. I think it's all so relaxed and homey! I understand your need to change things, though. I'm the same way. And Danny, like your husband, doesn't get it and always wants to keep things the way they are. He teases me that he's lucky I haven't changed my mind about him!

    Maybe you guys could compromise and go with a different wall color, but have red accessories. Sorry, that's my best suggestion for this morning - I've got loud boys distracting me right now!


  2. Your place is just filled with comfy chairs I want to lounge in!

  3. Carrie, Your home is lovely. I love your new valances in the kitchen...beautiful! I found your blog via another and the thumbnail pic drew my attention (and the title). When I clicked and came over here the first thing I noticed in your kitchen is the corner curio you have. I import those and have two exactly like it in my dining room! Funny! I'm like you and just love color...lots of it in my house. I can't deal a plain white wall! Love your blog and am now following. Please come visit me too...hosting a giveaway right now.

  4. You have a beautiful home! I'm inclined to agree with Papa...I love the red also. I've had red rooms the same identical color a few times over the years. I never ever grew tired of them - we just moved!



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