{ what's for dinner? }

Thank you all for the sweet comments on my Americana posts.

I had a lot of fun taking and editing those pictures to share.

Those photos were taken on the fourth of July weekend,

 I'm just getting caught up from all of the traveling.

They are of one of my favorite places to spend time,

The Blue Ridge Mountains in Meadows of Dan Virginia.

A friend wanted to know what program I'm using to edit my

photos to get the rounded corners, and the answer is Photoshop CS3.

Once I have the best way to go about it I'll try to share a little tutorial on the subject.

I actually just figured it out myself yesterday, needless to say I have been spending lots of time playing.

So, here comes more photos for you of 


Here's a healthy little recipe that's quick and easy that I whipped up for dinner last night.

Wanna see ?

This is one of our favorite recipes, and I have it listed in my recipe box under " Quick Meals ".

This is my favorite section, because I'm really not much of a meal planner.

I'm really gonna try and change that though.

{ wish me luck ; ), I need it }

I was hoping my little recipe card I made up would show up better than this,

but I plan to work on a pdf file that can be downloaded soon.

Just in case you might wanna give my recipes a try.

Here are all the ingredients lined up and ready to go into my skillet.

Mushrooms from a can, because I'm a horrible planner and didn't have fresh on hand.

Not one medium onion, but several from my garden all nice and warm from the sun.

Black Beans, rinsed and drained, aren't they lovely.

Mmmm, spinach.  I think I might be related to Popeye I love spinach so much.

Step 1, cooking mushrooms and onions till onions are crisp tender.

Step 2, add black beans to onions and mushrooms stir together & cook till beans are warmed.

Mmmm, looking good already.  Now comes the good part.

Step 3, stir in the spinach and remove from heat. 

Doesn't that look YUMMY.

Step 4,  divide mixture between tortillas and add cheese.

Everything is better with cheese....don't cha think.

So,  there you have it, that was what was for dinner her in the wren's nest last night.

Give it a try sometime, it really is delicious, and oh so easy { a must for me }.

Now, for the giveaway part of my post.

Just wanted to let you know that the lovely Mary over at 

urban farmgirl

is having a giveaway to celebrate her 100th post.

Congrats Mary on a job well done.

You have to hop right on over,  because you don't want to miss

the chance to win the $50 gift certificate to 

White Flower Farmhouse

Happy Weekend my Friends.

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  1. Looks delicious, Carrie...and your photography is fabulous!

    Hope you have a most wonderful weekend!


  2. This looks so delicious! Great photos of these foods!

  3. yummies! I can't have enough vintage, beautiful blog! have a great sunday...verbena cottage

  4. This looks so good! yay! always looking for new good recipes and I tend to try ones I find on blogs first! :)
    Maybe because there is Great photography to go with it!
    Hope you had a great weekend!


I love seeing your lovely faces & reading your sweet comments. Thanks for taking the time to visit me : ) * I do my best to respond by e-mail, if I miss you please forgive me. peace & love * Carrie

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