{ friday finds }

" I AM HAPPIEST WHEN I AM ON THE HUNT "  the vintage wren

{ fruity coasters }

{ tiny pyrex }

{ milk glass cake stand }

{ vintage carry all }

{ vintage paint by numbers }

{ framed pieces for Miss "P"'s room }

{ vintage aqua waste can...don't cha just love that paint job ; )  }

{ vintage guide books }

{ vintage blue & green tweed carry all }

{ vintage chenille bedspread & more books }

{ vintage oil paintings }

{ vintage mirror }

{ vintage german lamp }

{ very old books }

{ stainless bowl, old wooden spoons & a glass frog }

{ vintage skirt & a suitcase for a future project }

{ brown leather messenger bag }

{ gray leather-ish tote }

{ vintage poker chips & card wallet }

{ reference book }

{ box full of vintage sewing notions & craft supplies }

{ vintage kitchen stool in need of a good paint job }

{ vintage smith-corona typewriter }

Whew, I'm done. 

That's all the goodies I found today.

Happy Weekend !

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  1. Are you kidding me????? You found all that today? I love all the paint by numbers, especially the horses, oh and the typewriter, great color. Whew, you are probably tired!!


  2. Oh my goodness what a haul. So many great treasures. Thanks for sharing them all.

  3. Holy cow, that was just from ONE day? That's an insane amount of treasures. Way to go!

  4. Oh my!! Carrie, that is one huge haul...you go girl!!! Love it all too:) I want to go thrifting you!!! Enjoy all your gorgeous new treasures. Hugs ~ Tina xx

  5. It looks like you had one heck of a shopping trip!

  6. Wow Weeeeeee!!!! You have now been crowed The Queen!

  7. Ow wow, so much in one day! That's amazing! :)

  8. My Goodness! You really scored!
    Love the kitchen stool!
    And of course the books since I'm a bookaholic!

  9. wow that was a lot of wonderful loot....love the suitcase and skirt, that skirt would make the best liner for the suitcase! And love the coasters and the carry all, and and and, ok I will stop!!! thanks for sharing, hope you had a good weekend, xo!

  10. The vintage paint by numbers!!!! Some of my favorite Christmas gifts as a child were paint by numbers. I remember laboring through a massive 'The Last Supper' paint by number as a 5th grader!


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