{ tonight only }


t h e   c r o w d s

t h e   m a s s e s


o u r    e n t r a n c e

o u r    f l o o r

t h e    g i r l s 

t h e    b o y s

o u r   s u i t e

o u r    g r u b

m y   g r u b 

o u r    v i e w

t h e    w r e n s    w a i t i n g

o u r    b u d s    w a i t i n g

f i l l i n g    u p

h e r e    w e    g o

b l a c k b i r d

s w o o n

What an awesome experience.

I would love to have been closer,

or better yet, smarter....

don't know why I didn't bring Nigel....

I could have gotten some great shots with my tele-lens.

What was I thinking, bringing the little guns to a legends concert?

Well, at least I was comfortable,  that's a concert first for me.

Usually I'm wearing the highest pair of heels I own,  just so I can see,

and before the end of the night I'm hobbling out... whining.

No complaints here, it was a great night,

one I'll never forget.

Thanks to Blue Cross Blue Shield for the awesome tickets & show,

and to great friends for sharing another awesome experience.

Love those guys up there.

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  1. WOW! You're not kidding, Carrie, when you say awesome. WOW!

    Loved the pics of all of you. I can see feel the excitement. Loved seeing this...


    Sheila :-)

  2. Next time you could take me and I'll take my camera..Is that a good solution?


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