{ missing marija }

Marija . . . HOLDING COURT

b e a u t i f u l   •   s w e e t   •   i n s p i r i n g

You are loved and will be greatly missed.....

"I love you, Marija"....a husbands goodbye.

my heart is breaking.....

please pray with me for Marija, and her lovely family.

I met Marija through my blog when she entered a giveaway to name my camera.

She was the winner, and my camera will forever be called "Nigel" thanks to her,

It was her sons name, and I will never forget her or this family.
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  1. I read of this beautiful woman's death earlier today and it is one of the saddest things ever! Things like this are so hard to understand but there is only One greater than us who knows why she was taken at such a young age.

    It has just made me sad all afternoon and I didn't even know her or of her blog.


  2. I found hubby' post when he had just put it up the other day and I was just .....heart broken. I've been praying for the family since and just keep heading over there to spend time at her blog. Reading her other entries and just thinking about her, her family and their loved ones.

    I ended up putting up a post at my blog also the other day..and will do so again on my Fearless Friday post for others to just surround the family...all of us gather together wrapping our arms around them....


  3. Oh, this is so tragic! I pray that the Lord comforts this family. I'm so sorry for her husband and young children. I didn't know her as a blogger, but my heart goes out to them.



  4. I read this yesterday and it broke my heart, what an amazing woman and what a loving man to post such a sweet story..brough tears to my eyes, she will be greatly missed....


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