{ landscape design part II }



The left side of our back yard is actually the lot next door to ours,

we purchased the extra lot to the left of our home to ensure more privacy.

This lot is also where I plan to have my orchard, and my potting shed { eventually }

I've added two plum trees, and four apple trees to the left, but as of right now I only have

one of each, and they are tiny little friends, so I'll have to wait a while to enjoy this view.

There in front of my potting shed you see my own little raised beds which I plan to expand,

and probably close in with some sort of pretty fencing, and pea gravel paths in the future, 

to help keep the crab grass { cursed mess }, and cute little critters out.

Again, we will add an evergreen border along the far left side of the property line for more privacy.

I have Leyland Cypress in mind because they grow very fast, and I love their shape.

 Cryptomeria's are also an option though because they are even more lovely, 

have the same shape,  and are a more durable evergreen species.

Right now there is a drainage ditch that runs through the back of both of our lots,

I would love to add rock to this area and make it more of a dry river bed,

more of a feature than an eyesore.  In the photo I've added a wooden bridge to cross

over this feature, and I hope to turn the area behind it into a sort of secret garden escape.

Because of the drainage area, I've chosen the River Birch, and the Weeping Willow,

 they should do well in that wet area, and help soak up the water that stands after a storm.

I'm no landscape expert or anything, so obviously I will discuss logistics with my landscaper 

before moving on into serious planting to make sure everything will work out.

I just love the planning, and I've had these ideas in my head for many years now.

I can't wait for the day that I get to see it all come to fruition, and obviously the sooner

I can start the better.  I finally have Papa pinned down so that each new guitar he gets,

I get more landscaping .  So this fall, my evergreen borders are going to get planted, woo hoo.

We both agree we should have gone ahead and spent the money years ago, and we would

already have that lovely border, but hind sight is always 20/20, and it's better late than never.

I'm so excited, I can't wait for fall.

Thanks for all of your helpful comments, I love any advice & experience.

I know what plants I love, and outside of that I always consult with the specialists before I plant.

I have had a lot of fun adding the actual trees and buildings etc. to my landscape, 

it's so nice to have a real visual, other than the ones in my head.

Now, when I tell Papa I want a potting shed maybe he won't roll his eyes at me

because he's thinking I want to throw up some sort of horrible little lean to building.

I'm talking about some really pretty architectural work here people...it has to be pretty,

and a little covered front porch would be ideal so I have another place to sit back

and enjoy the views of my gardens and home.

Oops, sorry there  I go again.

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  1. Both plans look beautiful. A potting shed would be positively spectacular.

  2. I think I am going to need to fence in my raised beds too. All my fur babies think they are their personal litter boxes!!!!!


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