{ galvanize my heart }

I'm in love with galvanized metal containers

This is my galvanized pail planter scored at a yard sale...love it.

Old galvanized tin scoop, can't believe I sold this one...what was I thinking? : (

I love this galvanized metal feed tray.

 I'm in love with this vintage locker bin.

These vintage fan blades would make a cool accessory.

Love this vintage metal box.

This vintage milk box could be used for unique storage.

How lovely is this long metal planter?

How about this awesome metal tray.

Has a flour cannister ever looked so cool?

I adore this baby wash tub.

very cool office file box.

This is just some of the awesome galvanized goodness I found on etsy.

click on any link,  and that goodness can be yours.

If you buy some of that awesome goodness

tell the seller you found it here

on { the vintage wren }.

Hope you all are having a lovely weekend.

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  1. Hi Carrie. Gorgeous galvanised treausres, thank you for sharing the Etsy links!! I love all things galvanised too and really love the long plant box!! Wishing you a wonderful week. Hugs ~ Txx

  2. I'm with you here! I love galvanised anything. I have the old milk container and I keep it buy the front door with the dog leashes and toys in it.
    I like your new header.
    Enjoy your Sunday.

  3. I heart them too:)


  4. Those were some really neat finds, Carrie! I love vintage tin, too. I just found two small buckets with enamel numbers on tags hanging from them. They aren't vintage, but they are NEAT.


    Sheila :-)

  5. Thanks so much for including my galvanised feed tray! I love all of the others too!


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I agree girl, love the galvanized metal, there is a table I want at an antique store that is white enamel with a galvanized top, sooo pretty!!! sigh...love all of this!

  8. What a wonderful feature Carrie, thank you so much! You have a fabulous blog which we will now be following. We love vintage galvanized finds.

    John and Brenda ~ Circle Creek Home


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