{ PBN's and a sweet friend }

{ image - Country Living }

A few posts back, I shared a newly found collection of vintage paint by numbers,

and since then I have been trying to find inspiration images to share with you.

Well, finally someone super sweet decides to give this ol' girl a hand,

and shares with me how to search for images in google.

Thanks so much to my hero and blog savior 

below are her own words to me on how to find images on the web

Just in case anyone else out there is just as clueless as I was.

I tend to do all of my google searches from my bookmarks bar,

and for images you have to go directly to google to search.

hi carrie!
i'm surprised no one has tipped you off yet about how to find lovely images online...
here's a hush hush secret!! not really, but hah, i learned it from another blogger, 
so thought i;d share it with ya! when searching in google, 
type in your search: ie. paint by numbers decor ...
then before you click search, click on the top google tab labeled "images". 
now hit search. all your findings will be images and where they are from. 
i just did a quick google of that, and found some good ones.hope you get what you're looking for!!

Thanks again Michelle : ).

{ image - country living }

I love this fun stairwell project, and the way the paint by numbers are hung sans frames.

{ original image - Australian Vogue }

Another wall of PBN's sans frames found on flickr by midcenturyjojo

I think it's very important that the paint by numbers either have a similar theme,

or color combination for a more effective and cohesive display.

I especially adore these two arrangements of the dog PBN's.

This is very similar to what I am going to do in my daughters room

our theme being dogs, cats, and horses, all the animals she loves.

I also recently purchased two framed dog PBN's to add to my wall collection in my studio.

I'll share images when I have them up,  I just love them, and anything to do with dogs.

Hope I've inspired you to keep an eye out for these very cool vintage treasures.

The best part for me is knowing that someone like you or me,

painstakingly painted all those lovely colors between the lines

to create a very kitschy piece of artwork. 

I know exactly where my collection came from,

and the ladies who painted them are just down the road.

Thanks to them for creating these wonderful treasures.

Happy Monday!

*peace & love*

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  1. Hi Carrie,
    I LOVE YOUR NEW HEADER! It's fabulicious!! Don't you love PBN. I picked one up over the weekend for 50 cents of a barn scene with beautiful colors.


  2. Hey Carrie. When you are on the lookout for more puppies. Keep an eye out for beach scenes. I think they might look good in my office. What you think?

  3. wow- i didn't know that trick either! thanks for sharing, and thanks to michelle, too!

  4. Great new header! I love Paint by numbers and I love the idea of arranging them all together, so cool!

  5. Carrie, Love the new header also. What a clever idea.
    I'm so glad to get the tip about how to google for images. thanks for passing it along.
    Hope you're well.

  6. Hi Carrie~ I just discovered your fun blog! I love the paint by numbers, especially the ones with dogs... I'm looking forward to reading more...I am a new follower!

  7. WHOA! Even more paint by numbers! Something about your blog really touches me...I am adding you to my blog roll!


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