{ gearing up }

I have a big project in mind for this fall/winter involving my youngest daughter's bedroom.

Miss P is a spunky little punky with big interesting ideas on what she wants her room to look like.

Now the big challenge will be giving her what she wants while satisfying mom's need for lovely.

So today, I'm just gathering up some inspiration images.

I love the shelving and organization here, as well as the pretty blue & pink.

We already have pink walls which she's had since she was 3, so we're looking for a change of color.

So where these walls are pink we might do the opposite and do a pale blue to aqua color.

Possibly even white or cream, just to lighten things up a bit for her.

Oh deer, how awesome is this space for a girl, quite glamorous.

Not sure this is for my girl, she's not into girly so much.

I think it's pretty fab though, and she would LOVE the deer.

I like the fun color in this space, and the more modern clean look,

It has hot pink which was on her list of go to colors.

Now, this room speaks to the peacefulness and light I would like to add to her space.

I really like the painted trim... May have to explore this option for color pop.

Maybe an pretty pale blue for trim color instead of pink. Hmmmm.

I like this color blue on the walls, it feels a little more calm and peaceful than the rouge pink we have.

The little word mobile installment is a cute idea too.  A very sweet and simple room.

Now, this room is just fun, and it has the hot pink she requested,  

I'm not sure about the wall color,

even though it's lovely... I want a little softer look.

I adore the tree mural, and I could totally see that on a wall around her bed.

I think I can handle that, and I love a cherry tree... that would be fun to paint.

Another calming blue colored wall, love the colors in this space.

Very much the color scheme we are working with.

We have existing Tracy Porter bedding that I cannot part with,

so we'll be working our design around that bedding.

I'll try to share some images of Miss P's room to let you know where I'm coming from.

This should be an interesting redo,  I have lots of ideas floating around.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

The weather is fabulous here... now I've gotta get out and enjoy it.

:: peace & love ::


P.S.  Can you tell we like a little color around our house, it always speaks to me.

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  1. that bonne nuit sign is adorable!!!
    love your inspirations.


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