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I spent some time today online looking for fabrics for the "apartment".

I found lots and lots of lovely fabrics, and I'll share some others I loved with you in another post.

I asked Miss "P" which ones she liked best, and she chose the ones featured below in the photos.

I took my original image, and altered it in Photoshop to create a visual for myself...

a little road map if you will... I want to spend time planning so when I get ready to do the work

there will be no questions as to what I'm going to do.

I'm very visual, so this will help me in my decision making process.

Can't say for sure it will look exactly like either one of these,  I could change some things,

but this is the general direction so far.  I always start out with a fabric choice first,

This gives me a good start in the right direction.


{ soothing & sophisticated }

{ this image uses fabric by Carolyn Gavin's Wild Thyme collection }

Wall colors are not exact, but may be something similar.

The sofa is actually a little more light blue and pretty in person, so the fabrics should work well.

I'm trying not to use anything too cutesy, because I want this to last a few years,

and we are getting into the preteen years soon.

The artwork on the walls is by Marisol Spoon, I adore her work,

and each of these prints has a little animal perched upon a lovely little girl.

We are still working with an animal theme, though more woodland than domestic.

The paint by numbers are still an option as well because we have them, but I really love these.


{ fun & funky }

{ the middle pillow fabric is Mocca by Alexander Henry, 
the other two pillows are Sunny Ta-Dot by Michael Miller,
and the lamp shade fabric is Lotus by Amy Butler }

This option is all about color and fabric...fun & funky...


Inquiring minds want to know...

:: peace & love ::

{ the vintage wren }
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  1. i also like the first one- it's a little cooler which i like, and the fabrics and prints don't compete with each other as much as they do in the second. i am drawn also more to those colors and patterns.

  2. I'm diggin option 2 because it's bright, fun, a little mod, and I love the polka dots and amy butler fabric. Lovin the yellow walls!

  3. I choose the top photo. It's a soothing color combo.

  4. hey carrie! great choices...i also like option one for longevity..the soothing colors tend to not get old too soon!
    miss p will be a happy customer no matter what, tho!

  5. Number 2 speaks to me. But since the room was that way bright pink for so long. I think the First one might be a more dramatic change. Plus I don't think her current bedspread would go all that well with the yellow walls.

    Love Ya Sis

  6. Carrie, #2 leapt off the screen at me. It's young, fun, and so bright and cheery! I think #1 speaks more to the adult in us.

    You're off to a great start. Smart girl, creating these "road maps".


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