{ a starting point }

This is my little Miss P's room after much cleaning, rearranging and reorganizing today.

Her room is her refuge, her place to hang out and play with her friends.

She informed us that she wants her space to be decorated in chill colors.

What are chill colors you ask....

according to her HOT PINK & BLACK.

This is the sleeping side of her  "Apartment " as we are calling it.

Now, these aren't the after photo's, they are the in between photos.

Today, we totally flipped her room, and placed the furniture in it's new position.

This is her sweet little gate leading to her new sleeping area.

The area behind the gate used to be her play area, 

complete with a little kitchen, doll house, desk, and play table and chairs.

There was a lot going on back there,  complete with shelving for storing all the toys.

I designed the gate and bookcases as an attempt to keep her room cute from the doorway,

keeping the toys and clutter out of sight... her bed used to be where the little sofa is now.

I brought the little sofa in from the loft, to give here a place to "chill".

On the opposite wall is her closet, and bathroom doorway,

In between she has her T.V. and Wii.

She and her brother were quite excited to have this new open space to play Wii,

and couldn't wait until we cleaned everything up so they could play Mario Kart.

The inside view of her sleeping quarters,

It's not perfectly organized and pretty yet... we'll be working on that.

I did manage to get about three bags worth of stuffed animals stored in the attic,

I'll have to do a little more "cleaning out" when she is away.

They just can't give any of their babies up, they love their stuffed animals.

Here's the opposite side and her study/art area.

Again, this is just the beginning stages of our makeover...

So it isn't so pretty YET, not that it would stay that way if it were { let's be serious here }.

This is the view from the sofa side of her room...

closet on the left and powder room through the open doorway.

The blurry business across the gate is her name,

Which I plan to remove for the new redo.

This is her vanity area,

Through the door is the Jack & Jill bathroom she shares with her brother.

Let me remind you that she wanted a pink room when she was 3,

and boy did she get pink.... Rouge to be exact.

I cannot wait to get rid of this pink.

I can't believe she even mentioned pink at all, 

she never lets me buy her any pink clothing...

or anything else for that matter...

I guess HOT PINK is different because it's CHILL.... especially with black.

So, this is it....this is what I'm starting with.

:: TO DO LIST ::

1.  White paneled wainscoting around the room the same height as the bookshelves

2. Paint the walls above... color undetermined as of now { creamy white or pale blue }

3.  Add a frame around the huge mirror in her bathroom

4.  Recover the little sofa and paint the legs

5.  Find a rug for the "Chill" area

6.  New pillows for the sofa

7.  Paint the lamps and re-vamp shades

8.  I would love to find a chandelier or new overhead light fixture too.

I found this photo in my inspiration file,

I'm liking it a lot... I especially like the color of the furniture...hmmm...

uh oh my wheels are turning again.

So here I go, stay tuned to see where we end up with this re-do.

I would really love for her room to finally look cohesive and put together.

We'll see what I can accomplish on my own.

:: peace & love ::

{ the vintage wren }
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  1. Oh, cute! I like what you've done and where you are going. Very clever! The blue furniture is dreamy in that inspiration photo. Can't wait to see what you do next, Carrie.


    Sheila :-)

  2. What a sweet and roomy space. Anyone would love this. I like the ideas you have for the new space. When I was a kid, I was always into changing my bedroom furniture layout.

  3. Beautiful!!! My little girl's room is this same color with flowers ever where and pink furniture that blends into the walls. It's soft and pretty. I can't wait to see the finished product. Your a talented lady with great taste :)

  4. oh i also love where you are going with this! awesome! what agreat space for her to have all to herself, too, but great to share with friends/siblings/mom! can't wait to see the finished result!

  5. So adorable...what a great idea...I love the little gate! Yes and those colours are chill colours!

    What a great mom you are.

    Thank you for visiting me the other day....love your blog. xoxox

  6. What a PERFECT space for a little girl!!! It sounds like some fun changes are in store - I will live vicariously through you. :)

  7. I love the gate! What a great idea. I hope you'll keep that part...

  8. Oh wow, I would have done anything for a bedroom like that when I was a little girl, can't wait to see what you do next x

  9. Amazing Room Lucky Girl! I have three and they would die for a room like that or kill their sister for it LOL! I will check back~Cheers Kim


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