Velcome, Velcome,

Ve are so glad you are here.

Ve thought ve vould have you for dinner.

Dropping the horrible vampire accent now.

Before we get much further into this month, I thought now would be a good time

to share some images of my home decorated for All Hallows Eve.

Now,  I haven't gotten this far this year, and probably won't.

I don't typically go all out for halloween, but last year we were hosting a party.

So that said, I thought I might share some of my spooky decorating ideas with you.

This is the scene our guests and trick or treaters walked up to.  

Including very spooky music, and strobe lights for effect.

I had strobe lights under the beheaded bride, 

and she was quite ethereal and spooky...

wish I could have captured it on film.

I have to admit, I had a little too much fun with the cobwebs,

the trick being to really thin them out to make them look realistic.

No front porch window is complete until it's plastered with some drippy,

 oozy fake blood,  and a few fake spiders too.

A little less spooky this is the table in my entryway.

I love the realistic looking crows, and had one on my shoulder most of the evening.

I had so much fun decorating for this party... I've never really spent so much time on Halloween before.

I made the chalkboard above my sideboard using a simple piece of black poster board.

I really liked the way it turned out, and the fact that it was temporary.

I filled containers with bloody cotton balls { not really... red kool aid },

wrapped them with strips of black gauzy fabric, and filled them with black roses.

In my candle holders {which I absolutely love for all seasons because they are so much fun to fill }

 I took some leaves and sticks and wrapped them with more cobwebs and made a nest of spiders,

the other I filled with rubbery eyeballs at found at Target, and I filled the bottom with water for effect.

No Halloween table is complete without beautiful white pumpkins.

These happen to be fake, but real ones would be even better.

Now please ignore the mess, but this photo was taken a little into the evening.

I just wanted to show that I used simple squares of black fabric on the table

{ I had them left over from my sons school party a few years before. }

I also purchased some gauzy black fabric, and my sister and I hung it in swags

simply cutting holes in the fabric, folding it over and tying it with little strips of fabric.

I think the window treatment turned out well, and it looked so great in person.

I also changed out the bulbs in my chandelier with flickering amber bulbs for effect,

it's hard to see in the photos, but they looked fabulous and set the mood perfectly.

The best part of all was getting dressed up... we were an entire vampire family.

I could hardly get Papa to take off his fangs later that evening.

I think he really got into the whole vampire thing...he had quite a good time.

Vampire Fangs... the kind you glue onto your teeth are great... an absolute must.

Our costumes were purchased at K-mart and came together for a Pirate couple.

We of course were going for a colonial vampire look.

I think it worked...what do you think?

I hope you enjoyed our halloween home tour.

Looking at these pics again makes me wish I were hosting another party this year,

but my best friend and I alternate houses each year for halloween and this year is all hers.

I think I'll just sit back and relax this year, it will be a lot less work.

:: Good Evening ::

Contessa Von Wren

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  1. The beheaded bride - what a stroke of genius! We decorated around the house this weekend (well, my 10 year old really did the lion's share of the work), and I might have to show her some of your ideas...she will be inspired!

  2. positively scary - your husband, especially....

    great creepy decor!

  3. Thanks guys, I spent the most time on his make-up...plus he's a great actor { hee hee }.

  4. Love all of this, great job. Especially the headless bride and the cobwebs!

  5. wow!!! this is what I call having a scary ball! Fabulous decoration and costumes, I can just imagine how delicious the food was; Not very found of human blood,but would have a go if you can trow some cream on top! hehehe
    Any way,you guys look sensational! love,love,love all!!

  6. I love it! I love Halloween! So, fun to dress up. My favorite time of year. Hugs, Liz

  7. I'm petrified!
    LOVE the art at the end - the desat look is great.
    And ohmygosh...those cobwebs!


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