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Okay, so you may have noticed this book on my sidebar under publications.

Well the story goes like this...

About a year ago, I was contacted by a representative of Lark Books via a convo at my etsy knitting shop

Lily & Lulu.  They apparently liked some of my designs, and wanted to see if I would be interested in 

submitting some designs to be in a new book they were creating called Knit & Wrap.

I was like Oh my goodness...really...me?

 I was so very flattered, and excited at the opportunity to have my work in print...and in one of my 

favorite things in the world...a knitting book.

So, I began working up some of my patterns, and photographing them for submission.  

I submitted two or three,  and after a few months they requested one of my designs for the book.

The cowl I call " t u e s d a y " was the one they selected to appear in the book.

Next step was to send them my finished sample cowl, and the written up pattern...then I waited.

So here it is now, it's all finished & I have to say it's absolutely lovely.  There are many beautiful designs, 

and the photography is great.  What a difference a model can make for displaying your work.

Here is my wrap on the title page.

you can just imagine my excitement when I opened the book up for the first time.

Papa Wren was so proud of me, he went around bragging on me to friends and family

 like I was some kind of star... isn't that hilarious... since I'm just a girl who got really lucky.  

He's my biggest fan, and I'm his... I love me some Papa Wren.

{ sorry for the mush, but he is my biggest support...and I'm soooo lucky }

Here is the pattern page, with more lovely photos, and they named my cowl " WISH ".

I love how they named them all and then gave a great description.

I really love this knitting book... it's so much fun... I would have it in my collection even if I weren't in it.

I have a huge collection of knitting books, and I always look to them for inspiration.

Here are some more of the lovely images from the book.

This is just a sneak peek, I don't want to give too much away.

There are so many lovely designs in this book, and so many talented designers.

I consider myself so lucky to be among them, and actually have my work in print.

So if you are a knitter, this one is definitely a must have for your book collection...

you will definitely be inspired to knit up some fluffy goodness of your own.

A huge THANK YOU goes out to Nathalie Mornu,

and all the folks at Lark Books who made this opportunity possible for me.

I so appreciate it.

:: peace, love & hugs ::

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  1. Congrats carrie!! That is soo exciting!!

  2. Congratulations Carrie!! That is just so exciting! I think my Mum would love that book, I'll have to keep an eye out. Do you know if it will be released in Australia? Or would I have to order it online? Congrats again!

  3. So exciting!!! Congratulations, Carrie!

  4. Neat, Carrie! I am sooooo proud of you! YEA!


    Sheila :-)

  5. Carrie, congratulations, this is just awesome!! I love your cowl and am an avid knitter, so I will be chasing down a copy!! Yay you:):) Hugs ~ Tina xx


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