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  1. I vote for lighter and brighter, not that the red isn't beautiful because it is but I am just finding that I am happier with lighter and brighter rooms, you can bring your pops of color in with accessories. So there you have my vote:)

  2. Lighter wall colors seem to really open up a room to me. I like the color your son chose. I have a very similar color on most of my walls. It really enables me to change out accessories in my home without making a major commitment to them.

  3. I like the lighter.. My Home (all walls) were bright yellow- and i had reds- And yes very cozy and welcoming.. But now that I painted a darker shade of white- It is calm and Too me just as inviting.. I love it..
    Soon as i finish up one last lil area-Ill post my before-afters

  4. Even though the red does scream cozy, I think that the summer weather is making me lean towards the lighter palate to open up the room!


  5. I think your room looks great with both colors... you can't go wrong.

  6. I've been loving light, bright, clean colors lately. I love the rich ones too though... I'm currently working on painting all the rooms in our teeny house. Off. If only one could have a different house to match each mood! Traditional, contemporary, beachy, log cabin-y.... :) Sorry I've been such a bad commenter lately! I do still read all your posts and just love how creative and inspiring you are! Happy day to you! -Heidi

  7. With a higher window treatment the room would look just fine in a lighter color. I think that is the main issue in my not liking the lighter color in your room.


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