:: birdcage...l..o..v..e

This morning I'm obsessing over birdcages.

I've loved them for some time now, but I've never found the right one for me.

Until now....the one above from Sadie Olive is so me.

unfortunately I cannot afford this one : (.

Someday the right one will come along and at the right price.

I must admit I am quite frugal, so for now I'll just admire this one.


this and this


and these.

So, what do you think about birdcages? 

Timeless or Trendy?

Me, I love them but I only want a vintage one...

that's timeless to me.

Happy Friday Sweets!

*peace, love & hugs*


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  1. I love them too. I've had them in my house for 20 years. So the trend has lasted awhile...I suppose it always will with me!

  2. I love them as well...if they stay empty- not such a big fan of pet birds! They are timeless in my opinion...and that one is beautiful.

  3. I love them too, amazing vintage birdcages!

    Big greetings and happy weekend dear friend:)

  4. Thank you for following! Your blog and your photographs are amazing! I can only hope to be as good one day. Mx


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