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Just a few of the things I love from my clients home....

Love these glass jars and the old wooden bowl...the bowl was found at an antique store,
the large aqua bottle at a consignment store, and the two smaller jars were found at Tuesday Morning.

Bamboo framed mirror....Goodwill, topiary....antique store.

Quilted bird pillow....Tuesday Morning.

Faux herb pots and carrier....Target.

Original Rooster painting & olive oil bottle....Consignment store.

Sneak peek at the kitchen so far.

Butterfly print, orchid, and bird....Kohl's.

Quatrafoil Mirror....Target.

Sneak peek at the master bedroom through a fabulous mirror.

I'm still working on my friends home design, and things are really coming together nicely.
We still have some projects & shopping left to do, but we are getting there, and on a good budget too.
Stay tuned for the finished rooms...hopefully very soon.

Happy Decorating : )

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  1. I almost want to Tuesday Morning to find me some of those cute jars. I love them!

  2. I am in the middle of decorating my new home and it has been fun treasure hunting. Those glass jars are so much fun!

  3. Looking good!! I just finished a few rooms for a client,if you get a chance I hope you can check them out. Happy Decorating!

  4. My daughter is in the midst of renovating her kitchen and she plans of using butcher block for her counter tops too. I was nifty seeing your kitchen photo. By the way, I love your blog!


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