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I love vintage nightgowns. 

I love their colors.

I love their details.

I love their nostalgia.

I love the way they make me feel.

*peace, love & hugs*


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  1. Oh I have a nightgown that is similar to the black one. It's silk-like (I'm sure it's not actually silk since I didn't pay too much for it) and it feels like sleeping on heaven! :)


  2. That so reminds me of my sweet auntie. She always has the sweetest nighties. She has never worn a pair of pjs in her life.

  3. Hi Carrie!
    I have many of these, but I sell them on eBay and etsy. I think I need to keep a few of the ones I really love and wear them...
    Yours are so pretty!
    I especially love the boudoir jackets and long pants sets :)
    HUGS and blessings!


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