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There's absolutely nothing better than a lazy Saturday. They don't come around often, especially with kids, and all of their activities, but when they do, they are something to be cherished. Is there anything better than a warm cozy fire, a stack of library books, a cup of coffee, and some knitting. I really don't think so.

Lucky me, this has been my Saturday. I got to sleep in this morning thanks to sweet Papa, who is always so good to me. He knows what a cat I am. He's the early bird, so he always takes on morning duty in our house. {how did I get so lucky?}. Did I mention Papa is awesome. These are the days when I feel like a true Queen, hanging out in my chambers like Anne Boleyn {but with a good loving husband}. {speaking of Anne Boleyn, I can't wait for the Tudors new season....anyone else a fan?}

Well, it's dinner time now, so it's off to see what kind of evening we are going to have.

I hope you have had a lovely Saturday also, and a lovely Valentine weekend.
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*peace & love*

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  1. Gorgeous picture!

    Happy Valentine's Day :)


  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend.
    Happy Valentine's Day Carrie ♥

  3. I love the pic! Did you knit that coffee cozy?

    :) Kerri

  4. This is a fantastic image. I keep trying to take a good photo of a stack of books. Trying and failing. Thanks for the good example. Happy Thursday.


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