{ finding peace }

Today I dropped off my teenage daughter at school, and headed straight to one of those big retail chains { the one beginning with "W" } for some shipping supplies, 
because they do have the lowest prices around after all.

I went early, like 7:45 or 8:00, and it was so nice, {aside from a lack of a latte } there was hardly anyone there. The employees were still having their morning pep talk in the Layaway department, and I could here them chanting while I strolled luxuriously through the aisles alone. I realize I'm sounding like quite a loner, I'm really not, I've just become accustomed to weekday crowds & I refuse to shop on the weekends unless absolutely necessary. I guess that's just become one of my guilty little stay at home mom pleasures.

Moral of the story....the early bird gets to shop in peace.

I picked up a bird feeder today to hang outside my studio window, I wanted to share pics, but everything looks so ugly here with all the melting snow and such. Besides, I want to take some pretty bird photos to share in the future.

Instead, I'm going to share some of the goodies I'll be listing in my shop soon.

So here's today's eye candy....enjoy!


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peace and love, Carrie

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  1. Oh that nut grinder is so cute!!

    I miss having a weekday off for exactly that reason.

  2. I'm with you on the lack of crowds during the week - we do get spoiled, don't we?! I've actually stopped myself from going to Target as much as possible (sometimes I just have to b/c I love it so!) and force myself to go to Walmart instead. I spend much less money that way! But you're so right about the atmosphere.

    It must be so much fun to go thrifting to find things for an Etsy shoppe! I would LOVE to do that, but I don't come across very many vintage goodies. Our area is too new. Still fun, though!

  3. Look at all those goodies!! Wow wee girl, some fun stuff! I go early to wallie world too, always a better shopping experience! :)

  4. What great finds. I especially like the green sundae bowls. Nothing like finding some treasures to ake a girl's heart sing.

  5. Great finds! I'm so jealous because our thrift stores suck. I need to go back for a peek just in case though ;)


  6. Great finds... the nut grinder takes me back to my childhood. Love your blog... I've got you on my favorites & will definitely be back!

    p.s. you don't look old enough to have a teenager!

  7. These are great finds..! And I try to avoid big stores for different reasons, but one of them is certainly the madness and people everywhere!

    I'm off to sign up for your Valentine Giveaway... I saw a pretty cowl that is calling my name. :)



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