{ temptation }

Oh what a blustery day we are having today. I originally thought I'd get out and do a little thrifting today, but with 50 mile an hour wind gusts, and temps in the teens...I think I'll stay in. The house is clean, and my knitting is calling my name...along with my warm and snuggly bed. I've noticed that since I've started this blog, my sleep schedule is quite out of balance. I have become addicted to my computer, and I can often be found twittering around until very late at night...too late for an old lady like me. I'm losing my beauty sleep, and believe me it shows. So, can I resist the urge to go jump back in between those lovely white flannel sheets for just an hour more?

Come on coffee kick in, my needles need me...

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

*peace & love* Carrie
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  1. We're staying in, too - b/c we're sick. Ugh.

    I don't know how you haven't climbed back into that comfy bed - with a clean house, you can get away with it, right? :-)

  2. I am staying in with the girls today too! It is really windy here, but they changed the snow amounts to less since it is now dinnertime and nothing is sticking yet. I guess am lucky to live in New England this winter.

    Stay warm!!!

  3. I've got to run out tonight for something, and I've been putting it off because it's SO cold. I might continue to do so. LOL!


    Sheila :-)

  4. Hi Carrie, I have just found you via my lovely friend Maria's blog Vintage Simple. Now I have found you are a knitter, I have become a follower! I am a knitting nut, all the way over here in Australia:) I have loved reading through your posts and really look forward to following you:) Hope you got to knit today. Sending some sunshine your way ~ Tina.


I love seeing your lovely faces & reading your sweet comments. Thanks for taking the time to visit me : ) * I do my best to respond by e-mail, if I miss you please forgive me. peace & love * Carrie

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