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Okay, so who like me has put on a few pounds over the years? I myself, have become very complacent about my body and my fitness. I don't just mean being skinny, I mean being fit. Fit to go on a two mile hike, or an eleven mile hike, fit to run around the yard with the kids without getting out of breath, or going up the stairs two times with a basket full of laundry {out of breath}. I've had it, I'm sick of the belly flab, I'm sick of being comfortable to the point of not really caring anymore. I'm really not that old yet, and if forty and even fifty something stars like Demi Moore, Kelli Rippa, and Madonna can be ripped, so can I ....right?? I really would just be happy to be firm.

For four years I kickboxed religiously five times a week. My motivation? I had just had my son, and I was still in my twenties. I even continued kickboxing through most of my second pregnancy, and was at the gym within a month after my daughters birth. Not only did I take a forty five minute kickboxing class {which I truly did love}, sometimes I took a forty five minute yoga class afterwards, and if I was feeling really crazy I would come back that afternoon to do a thirty minute weight session with my sister in law {the one who convinced me to try kickboxing in the first place}. I was die hard to say the least. I had a great gym, and a great group of girls, some of whom I had gone to high school with, and it was a lot of fun, I looked forward to it. I would be out of breath and sweaty as H..E...double hockey sticks, and I felt great...I was probably more fit then than in all my young years
minus a few volleyball years during high school.

When I graduated high school I weighed 98 pounds {I swore that if I ever broke a hundred I would die}, well I didn't, that was just a silly teenage fantasy. When I became pregnant with my first child I weighed 110 pounds, then I gained about 25 pounds during my first pregnancy. I'm sure I got back down to at least 115 pounds in between my son and my daughter because I was working out like crazy. I went back up to 125 when I was pregnant with my daughter, and after that I think the lowest I ever got was like 113 pounds {mostly muscle} with about 14 percent body fat, which I believe was pretty low. Now, I'm hovering at around 129-131 with a good handful {maybe two} of belly fat, and the fat that lives around your bra line between your arm and your breast (oooh gross...I know), and probably a couple of inches of back fat, and my inner thighs rub together which I hate. Do you still like me? 'Cause I am absolutely letting it all hang out there right now, literally. Am I overweight? Probably not. Obese? Definitely not. Fit? That would be another big NOT. Please don't roll your eyes and say jeesh if you happen to weigh more than me, or if you think I'm just plain silly. I'm not judging anyone else, just myself.I think I look fine, and most days I have a very positive body image...and that's not the main reason for this post. Besides, I'm only like 5 foot 3 1/2 possibly 4 on a good day, so I just can't carry a lot of extra pounds and 5 - 10 (20) shows....really.

I blame it all on Italy, I was pretty okay before a trip to Italy several years back
{I know, poor me...a trip to Italy}. I never said I wasn't a lucky girl, just not a really fit girl.
I literally gained 10 pounds in 10 days. Mmmm lots of gellato {every day}, and like 500 course meals, and of course lots of fabulous wine.

So, who has an awesome place to work out in their very own house and doesn't use it??? Me, me, and that would be me. We have a treadmill {which I swore I would use every day if I could get it}, a bowflex {free with our american express points}, a weight rack {a gift for papa}, not one....but two large workout balls for endless crunches and wall squats, a ten pound ball for various other excercises {more crunches}, and to top it all off, a whole wall of mirrors to make sure you use the correct form {or at least to watch the jiggle while you run}.
Now tell me, what's the problem here?

I'll tell you...

Nothing but.....LAZINESS plain and simple {you don't have to let me off the hook here}.
I admit it, I can be quite lazy, and did I mention that I think I was a bear, or cat in a former life??

I love, love, love to sleep.

Seriously it's not as if I have to get in my car drive 15 minutes, and spend another 45 minutes working out, then another 15 driving home. I can walk down my stairs, spend 30 minutes and if I'm not too lazy I can get a great workout. Do you see my problem here??

I'm actually writing this as my wrists sweat all over my laptop {gross I know}, but I did it, I got off my lazy batukis and got onto my treadmill for a change. I'm so excited I just ran/walked 1.6 miles and burned 300 calories, some of the time I curled 5 pound weights,
then I rounded it out with 25 ball crunches, and 25 pushups.

What in heavens sake has gotten into me??

I'll tell you...I just sat lazily for like 15 - 20 minutes looking at a people magazine passed along by my neighbor, and I saw all the pretty little stars in their bikinis on great vacations with really hot guys. Hence, MOTIVATION. Papa wren is one hot hunk if I do say so myself, and he is VERY good about using "our" home gym, even when he doesn't feel like it he does it {I envy his motivation} but holy moly it shows. He's almost 40, and he's as hot as the day I met him {which was OMG 15 years ago}. Me on the other hand, not even close. To top it all off, we are going to Mexico in the spring. I just don't really want to spend another summer in a cover up under my umbrella....I really want to sport my bikini again. Six pack abs would just be an added bonus,
but I'll be happy with a pinch of belly fat instead of a handful
{or two}....'cause more than a handful is a waste {a big waist} right?!

So anyway, long of the long is that I want to TRY and start having Fridays be "FIT FRIDAYS". So, feel free to share with me something you've done this week to get fit, or at least make yourself feel good. I'm not holding YOU to anything, but I think I'll try and continue to share with you, and you can be my invisible workout partners. If nothing else you can follow to see if I succeed.
{I may even share a before and after photo, if I get really brave.}

Thanks for reading along on this craZy little adrenaline inspired post.

Wishing you a Fantasic "Fit Friday"

*peace & love*

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  1. He he he. I went to the doctor this week and was weighed. Traumatic experience!!! This working at home thing, home with the refrigerator. Is not working out for my weight. Neither is sitting so much at my computer. I've got to get back to stricter eating habits and a regular exercise routine. So I am in! Count me in Carrie. Lets burn some belly fat! :)

  2. Carrie, I think it is great to want to be fit, I do however think those photos of the stars are very doctored...and unrealistic!! :) But you go girl with being healthy and wanting to look good for your man, I love that!! I try to keep fit by walking, {I can't run anymore...sniff sniff}...and I do 12 minutes of situps to make sure my core muscles are developed!! Thanks for the motivation, I will be here supporting you! thank you also for being so honest...breath of fresh air!

  3. Wonderful post, Carrie. I run a couple times a week average and that seems to help a lot. A speed training class I took in fall really helped melt the stubborn post-baby belly fat. I run 3 or 4 5k road races a year to give me ocassional goals to keep my running decent. Decent for me, that is, since I am not a strong runner. My next step is to work in something like yoga or weights to strengthen my core which I hear will improve my running. I wish you the best on re-igniting your quest for fitness. It can be done. It will take effort, but soon you will be in as fine shape as Mr. Wren. Keep blogging. Natasha

  4. You are just like me! I weighed 112 pounds when I graduated from highschool AND when I got married almost 15 years later. I got back to a healthy range after daughter #1, but daughter #2 is 8 months old and I am overweight. I really made the decision last night to lose the weight because my wedding rings don't fit me and because highschool and college friends on Facebook all look great! I am with you on this, I need someone to push me!
    Have a great weekend!
    :) Kerri

  5. Go Carrie! I'm right there with you. I've been agonizing over my weight since having my first son 4 years ago. After having my second son, it took until his second birthday before my body decided it was going to let go of a lot of the weight. Prior to that, it didn't matter what I did, the weight wasn't budging. Weird! Anyway, I've been walking with my sister-in-law and neighbor every afternoon. I really want to start running, but I've never been a runner, so we'll see!

    Thanks for the motivation. :-)


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