{ snippets of time }

Why do I love vintage so???

Each object be it a toy, a vintage book, or silver tea set,
has had a life all it's own before me.
When I find a well worn piece of furniture, or a hand made quilt,
I imagine the family that piece of furniture watched over,
and the lives that quilt kept warm at night.
New things have no story, they have no history, they have no nostalgia.
When I was young, I loved new things.
More and more as I age, I crave the past, and the history of a well worn and well loved object.

We cannot avoid becoming vintage ourselves,
I just hope I have the opportunity to be well worn and well loved.
I hope others will look back on my time with nostalgia and love,
the same way I look at these lovely snippets of time.

*peace & love*

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  1. I know how you feel about Vintage Carrie ~ it is the same for me. Beautiful post and images ♥

  2. Thanks for visiting me today. Your blog is fabulous as is your photography skills! I too only liked new when I was young but the older I get the more I appreciate 'vintage' things.

  3. I am definitely vintage. My body, that is. I'm well loved but not worn out....

  4. Couldn't agree more. What a sweet post!

  5. Lovely post Carrie:) I love vintage because as you say each piece has had a previous life, I would love to find out all the stories our vintage pieces could tell if they could speak! Have a lovely day ~ Tina x

  6. I agree Carrie! Words wellspoken!

    :) Kerri

  7. They are all gorgeous photos...and yes...the love of vintage is strong for exactly how you put it:)

  8. I love Vintage too! Again, beautiful photography. Oh and I wanted to say I like your banner! :)

  9. Perfect way to describe all that vintage goodness!! Great photos Carrie and I love that old rolling pin & those little white pitchers....!

  10. Thank you so much for checking out my blog. I am now checking yours! It is just lovely. We obviously share a passion for vintage, and I too have a difficult time buying new. I will definitely add this one to my blog roll as I find it very enjoyable.



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