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Sorry for these near wordless posts. Honestly, I'm feeling a little under the weather,
and haven't had the time or energy to think. The kicker is that I have company coming,
and I have no choice but to clean. Uggh. Yet another reason for such a short post.

When I was getting ready to save this image for posting I found a little face on the column.
Can you find it? I don't think it was there originally, kinda looks like it was left
when some of the column broke away.

These images of Italy are from my personal collection taken a few years back.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

*peace & love*

p.s. Are my images too large? Just want to be sure it flows well for all types of monitors.

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  1. Gorgeous photo! I did see the face- but wouldn't have if you didn't give me the hint.
    Feel better, happy weekend.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  2. Gorgeous photo and no your images your not too large!! they are perfect...hope you feel better soon and can enjoy your company!

  3. Beautiful (and not too large). Sorry you're not feeling well - hope it passes soon so you'll feel good for your company! Don't forget your vitamins. :-)

  4. great shot. your images are perfectly sized. I like a larger photo. I hope to be posting more of my Rome shots soon. Feel better. . .

  5. lovly blog you have.. great style! now a new follower.. thank you! happy weekend!{:

  6. beautiful photo... and I love that header font you use. :)

  7. Gorgeous photo Carrie!! Your pic looks fine on my laptop:) Hope you find a little boost of energy to get you through that cleaning, I feel the same today, however I don't have guests coming (well none that I know of!!). Hope you feel better and enjoy your weekend ~ Tina x

  8. Yep, I see it and I love Rome!
    Off to look a bit more at your blog, don't remember how I found my here but glad I did. Hope you feel better, I'm quite tired myself... looking forward to weekend.

  9. Images are perfect size here. I see the face but am glad you pointed it out.
    I want to go to Rome!! Been to Italy but not Rome...

  10. Hey Make sure you check out my post! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  11. The image is perfect size!!! Love it and what a beautiful photo;)


I love seeing your lovely faces & reading your sweet comments. Thanks for taking the time to visit me : ) * I do my best to respond by e-mail, if I miss you please forgive me. peace & love * Carrie

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