{ time }

Good Morning all my sweet friends.

Yesterday we sprang forward.

{ though my kitchen clock says different }

I just want to say to the powers that be....

I don't mind springing forward.

I love having extra evening hours to play outside with my kids,

grill out with my friends and neighbors, and just relax.

What I don't like....

Is months later having to fall back again.

Can't we just leave the time alone?


you can come to my house

and set back all of my clocks.

{ there's the coffee maker }

{ the I-pod dock }

and don't forget the microwave and the oven clocks please.

I'll be sure to get the ladder for you

to change the wall clock as well.

Oh my, be careful, it's a little wobbly.

Then you can go ahead and get the one in the living room.

Don't forget the one in my studio.

{ gotcha, that one's not plugged in }

And you must not forget to change the ones in the master bedroom,

lest, hubby won't get to work, and kids won't get to school,

and mama won't be able to blog.

{ most important of all is the bathroom clock...it takes time to be beautiful. *wink* }

Oh, and please don't forget to get the ones upstairs as well.

This may take a while...those things are the devil to set.

Thank you so much for your help with this,

and I'll be seeing you in a few months time.

You're the best.

I just need a little more time to adjust.

Happy Monday.

*peace & love*


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  1. I also love to spring forward. I enjoy the kids being outside playing while I am making supper or actually seeing neighbors around when I get home. That 1 hour makes all th difference.


  2. You're making me grateful to live in non-participating AZ right now!

  3. G'Day~I hear you! I wish they would just leave the time alone.I didn't know Az didn't play with their time zone.Nice! Enjoy~Kim

  4. Very cute. Love the extra hour but I totally agree about the whole fall back thing! Marija

  5. I am loving your dining area! Seriously love it!

  6. Love your eating nook Carrie ~ the wall colour is the same as our family room!


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