{ dream house }

Here it is, my dream house and property,

and it's only one street away from me.

I can see it from my back yard.

Oh the torture...

This house is the actual original farmhouse

to the property that my entire neighborhood is built on.

It is also practically the only one with mature trees.

Seeing as how my house is built

on what was formerly a pasture or field.

I have none....not one mature tree.

Herein lies my envy.

Look at the lovely pond with it's own little dock,

the beautiful weeping willows,

river birches and braddford pear trees.

This property and home are truly idyllic.

The house is gorgeous with it's white painted brick,

huge sun rooms and screened porch.

I swear, one day this house will be mine.

If it ever comes up on the market and we strike it rich

between now and then that is.

Here is the front view,

it sits in a lovely cul de sac,

and in another month

when everything is in bloom

it will be difficult to see.

Another reason I love it so...

lots of trees, shrubs...and privacy.

I wonder how my neighbors would feel

if they new I was secretly stalking their home.

Maybe I should get in good with them

In case they ever do decide to move they'll

call me and let me have first dibs.

Until that day comes,

I'll just admire it

from my back door.

Happy Weekend

*peace & love*

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  1. It is gorgeous. But it looks like A LOT of house to clean. Of course once you strike it rich, you'll just hire a maid.

  2. ahhh, yes, house envy. I know it well...

  3. Oh, it's absolutely gorgeous! I want it too but YES YES YES - get in good with them...you never know what will happen. That's exactly how I got my 2nd house - I met the neighbors who told the owner/seller and moved in 2 months later. Fingers crossed. :)

  4. Sweet Carrie,
    I love these photos! That is my dream home right there. I love farmhouses! You take beautiful photographs!
    You are the best!
    Take Care,

  5. Oh my goodness Carrie!!! That is beautiful. Oh I hope you strike it rich so you can buy it, I can just imagaine you living there. I think it certainly needs a new owner named Carrie who will love it the way in which it is supposed to be loved (no offence it its current owners of course!). Thanks for sharing this beautiful home. Hope you have a wonderful weekend ~ Tina x

  6. Beautiful! I can see why you would love to live there!

  7. I definitely think taking some fresh baked cookies over couldn't hurt. That would be one great way to see the inside:) Maybe your dream will come true someday!


  8. Beautiful home and that is def. torture having to look at and see that gorgeous home everyday!

  9. It's beautiful! The trees are just gorgeous. And what a view from your backyard!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Such a pretty view from your backyard! You have some truly gorgeous shots of this dreamy place. Please post one when all the trees are in bloom. I would love to see that!

    House envy is something I certainly relate to! Someday...I tell myself...someday...

    Happy weekend,

  11. Beautiful. I think I want it too...



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