{ bacon of awesomeness }

Good Wednesday to you all. I had to share this mornings bit of awesomeness with you my dear sweet friends, because it absolutely cracked me up.
Just to prove that it's the little things in life that make us truly happy.

Friends, I'd like you to meet

{ bacon of awesomeness }

These four lovely strips of turkey goodness elicited a song out of my sweet ten year old male wren this morning. I just had to take a picture of this special bacon that had my son singing, and in turn taking his very own picture and video of the { bacon of awesomeness }.

The poor neglected eggs....not so much.

Oh my, did I mention we are having another snow day.
We are, and already the drama has begun.
Lord please give me strength and patience...I have an eight year old drama queen.
Well,...we started off on the right foot anyway.

So obviously I've had my camera out this morning and I've been snapping away bird pictures.
I'm dying to get a picture of a cardinal with the snowy background, but alas, I've been stalking them all morning and each time I see them in the trees I don't have my camera with me. Then I run through the house praying that god will have them sit there for me until I get back. Three opportunities, no picture yet. I've gotten some other nice ones though, and I'm debating on using one of those for my 2nd 365 picture....
or I could use the { bacon of awesomeness }.

What do you think? Birds....or....Bacon?

Have a
Wonderful Wednesday

*peace & love*

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  1. that is too funny...the bacon looks good, but I have to ask, what brand do you use??? (Jennie-O is one of our clients...so i have to say they have the best turkey bacon..LOL)
    I can't believe ya'll are getting more snow!!! I think I would be sick off it too by now.

  2. We had more snow in VA too. I'm thinking that bacon looks really good.

  3. LOL!! I can hear him singing that!! I love this one! You are too funny! Lets do lunch when you get some time. =)

  4. More snow? Wow! You poor things must be so anxious for spring. And yum - the bacon does look good!

  5. Yummy, I can almost smell the bacon! How about birds and bacon? Get a picture of a bird eating bacon, now that would be great! Ha ha! Really, I am such a bird person, love anything birdie. Cardinals are so pretty too, and with a snowy background....hope you catch one soon!

  6. Bacon...yummy! We used to live in Iowa and loved seeing the red cardinals everywhere. We did get a couple of really good pictures of them, just not in the snow. I hope you get your picture...have a wonderful week!


  7. turkey bacon is good isn't it? would you believe that I know a girl who actually just got a tattoo of bacon on her leg? I kid you not!

  8. Bacon of awesomeness - love it!! Not quite sure what turkey bacon is though? But gosh it looks good!!! Hope you get your pic of a cardinal!! Keep warm ~ Tina x

  9. You are so darn cute, seriously you can have what ever picture you want to come up. You are so silly!!! I LOVE bacon, after all I used to show pigs for 4-H (just thought I would share that with you). My kids love it when we have bacon. (however I just realized you said turkey) LOL anyway love your blog!
    Take Care,

  10. Okay, finally someone who loves turkey bacon! My grandmother always made it for me as a child, and I love it!

    I love your blog too...you take such beautiful pictures!


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